CM – « Doesn’t go together »: Hanson explodes


Pauline Hanson exploded on an Australia Post executive explaining that Christine Holgate’s controversial exit « doesn’t fit. »

The One Nation leader’s attack came just hours after the former Australia Post CEO threatened to sue the deal over her controversial exit unless the federal government agreed to mediation talks by Wednesday.

Ms. Hanson on Monday asked the Australia Post executive and former Liberal Party President Tony Nutt whether Ms. Holgate had told him that she had agreed to resign in October.

Ms. Holgate insists that she never agreed to resign and says she was unlawfully terminated for revelations. Executives were gifted Cartier watches valued at approximately $ 20,000.

Australia Post chairman Lucio Di Bartolomeo told a board meeting at 6 p.m. that Ms. Holgate had resigned of her own accord, a claim the organization has reiterated since then.

But Mr Nutt, who acted as a mediator for Ms. Holgate and the board of directors, admitted that he had received emails from her on both sides of the meeting saying she would take two weeks off.

« So that she supposedly had this conversation with the chair and said she’d agree to stand on the side doesn’t match, » Ms. Hanson said.

« Why should she still email you at 6:41 pm saying she will be taking two weeks of annual leave?

« You didn’t answer my question. Did she actually tell you that she was going to step aside: yes or no? »

Mr Nutt admitted that Mrs Holgate had not told him she was going to resign, but rather relayed the news to Mr Bartolomeo.

Mr Nutt said he felt their conversations « went as far as possible » and told Ms. Holgate to speak to Mr Bartolomeo, which she did « within 30 seconds ».

Mr Nutt insisted that Ms. Holgate was an « outstanding » executive director of Australia Post, but said the watches would not have been gifted if he had been running events.

« This episode has now at least partially turned into a high-level farce. Straightforward facts, events and plots have been distorted, » he said.

Ms. Holgate’s legal team gave the federal government a two-week window in April to agree to mediation talks and to minimize the « ongoing damage » caused by the excitement about her departure.

The former Australia Post CEO warned Monday that she would have « no choice » but to sue once that deadline expired at 5pm on Wednesday.

She stressed that lawsuits were not her « preferred option » in dealing with the controversy, but said the « ball in court » was the Australia Post and the government.

« We were warned that the government needed more time to consider the mediation offer and that Australia Post could not meet the deadline, » it said.

« With no agreement appearing to move this matter swiftly, Ms. Holgate will now have no choice but to examine her legal options after the Senate Communications and Environment Committee’s report on these matters was released on May 17th .  »

Ms. Holgate resigned from her role as CEO in November after it was revealed that executives had been given the watches.

She alleged she was « humiliated » by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who publicly said she was put aside for the « shameful » gifts before being bullied out of her role by the Australia Post.

High profile defamation attorney Rebekah Giles was chosen to run her legal campaign, alleging that Ms. Holgate has been unlawfully terminated.

« It is very disappointing to Ms. Holgate that neither the government nor Australia Post have been able to prioritize an amicable resolution to this matter, especially as they are aware of the ongoing harm this matter is causing my client, » she said .


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