CM – Duterte hopeful Filipinos will be released from the grip of COVID-19


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President Duterte has expressed the hope that the Philippines will support the Cope with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as he and the Filipinos celebrated Independence Day.

Duterte made the statement as the country celebrated its 123rd year on Saturday, June 12th Independence from Spanish colonizers.

In his video message, the President noted how the Filipinos were being tested by the pandemic that j made every citizen to be a hero himself.

“Each of us is called to be a hero of our own – in the struggle for our survival and in devotion to the common good, as our heroes have done before more than one Century, « he added.

President Duterte wished the Filipinos continued to be inspired and expressed hope that the country can overcome the ongoing health crisis.

 » With your noble example that inspires us, we look forward to a brighter future full of hope that we will face the challenges of this pandemic, ”he said.

President Duterte is expected to attend this year’s Independence Day rites in Malolos, Bulacan. This is the second time he has attended the commemoration since taking office in 2016.

The first Independence Day celebration he attended was held in Kawit, Cavite in 2018, where he began his speech by 10 demonstrators was harassed.

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