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Legacies’ Midseason Final Shake-Up: Who Left Town? Who is the new one? And what’s next for Lizzie Saltzman?

That question kept every Dynasty fan busy at the season premiere on Monday: How is Fallon Carrington doing after he was shot earlier this year?

The two-part premiere wasted no time answering that question and got started with a news report about … Fallon’s murder ?! Look, after the casting rodeo that got through this show – including three Cristals and Alexis’ apiece – we’d be lying if we said that for at least a split second we wouldn’t believe we were Liz Gillies for last time.

Fortunately, despite what Channel 6 would have you believe, Fallon Carrington is very much alive. « Seriously? People actually think I’m dead ?! » the victim screamed from her hospital bed. And we can’t exactly blame her for freaking out; she wasn’t just the subject of fake news, but the picture that they were using was just terrible.

After Fallon forced the hospital to release her early, Fallon spent the rest of the hour doing damage control to her business and marriage, and eventually confronting her shooter in jail . But Eva refused to retract any of the pernicious secrets she shared with the press about Fallon and Colin. In fact, she redoubled her crime, adding that she only regrets missing her real goal – Liam! Meanwhile, Liam spent the hour quietly distancing himself from Fallon, unable to forget that Colin was the last guy she kissed of the whole Eva debacle led to a heated argument that ended with Liam screaming, “You did this to us! And I’m not sure if I can ever forgive you for that. ”But Fallon again deprived him of playing the victim by suddenly fainting. And just like that, Fallon was back in the hospital – and was in a coma.

The second hour on Monday jumped two weeks forward, with Fallon still very much in a coma. At Liam’s behest, the Carringtons came to visit her to share happy vacation memories in hopes that they might wake her up. Unfortunately, this is exactly the opposite message that Liam received from Fallon’s doctors, who basically shrugged their shoulders and have no idea when to wake up.

In the end, it just took one happy dream about her future with Liam (and her kids!) to wake Fallon out of her coma. God bless us all!

* Amanda did almost no detective work and concluded that Adam was Dr. Larson had killed and Alexis had framed the murder. So Adam got proactive, stealing a strand (more like a tuft!) During a prison visit, but when Amanda found out the 9-1-1 call was made from La Mirage, Adam really panicked and tried to get various hospital staff on it to bring to vouch for him.

* Thanks to a punctual entry into Jeff’s hospital room, Dominique now knows the truth about what (and who!) brought Brady to Atlanta. He tried the whole thing « it was a plan, but now I have real feelings for you! » Routine, but Dom had none of it. However, when she found out Brady was in trouble with some dangerous guys, she and Jeff stretched their necks to save him … before banning him « forever » from Atlanta.

* After discovering Cristal at Blake’s campaign rally had that Beto also had a gun, she officially gave the boot to her brother, both from her life and from her company. In all fairness, we’re a little stunned that Beto is turning out to be a bad guy – we had high hopes for him and Sam. Most of all, we’re curious about Beto’s new boyfriend … who looks a lot like his sister.

* And Blake realized he didn’t really want to be a Senator and informed Cristal that he was ending his campaign.

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