CM – Equestrian sport proposed for the 2028 Los Angeles Games


The addition of equestrian sport to the Olympic program for the 2028 Los Angeles Games was announced on Friday, December 10, 2022. The FEI President has welcomed the announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and continues to talk about the admission, hoping here for 2028.

During the IOC Executive Council meeting (Thursday, December 9, 2021), the first list of 28 recommended sports of the LA28 Initial Sports Program, which includes equestrian sport, and now needs to be finalized at the IOC meeting in February 2022. Discussions also focused on defining the process for finalizing the disciplines in each sport to give the athletes, the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the International Federations (IFs) and the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) certainty at an early stage.

Universality, integrity and fairness, gender equality and popularity have been established highlighted as key requirements of the assessment criteria used to identify the disciplines and events for the Progr amm according to the recommendations of the 2020 Olympic Agenda 5 Maintaining the relevance of the sport for the youth was also mentioned as essential factors in the decision-making process.

I am confident that equestrian sport, which celebrates the unique connection between man and horse, has its place in the program of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, « 

The latest confirmation from the IOC following the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games reflects the positive changes the FEI has made and underscores our willingness to support our Adapt and modernize sports.

We had more flags. In addition to making sport easier to understand and attract a wider audience, universality was one of the central requirements of Agenda 2020 – criteria that will remain fundamental in the future. ”The same week, the IOC also published figures that revealed that the Games in Tokyo 2020 reached a global broadcast audience of more than three billion people via linear television and digital platforms. This significant and rapid growth in the changing digital landscape meant that more fans could experience the games and more content was more accessible than ever before.

We must ensure the global visibility of our sport in the media and on digital platforms and continue to present relevant content and attract new fans. We have this opportunity every four years and equestrian consolidation in the Olympic Movement is vital for the FEI and our community. ”

Another focus of the FEI is youth development. Getting young people excited about equestrian sport and inspiring new generations to make the Olympic Games their goal. We have solid development programs around the world that are aimed at the next generation of athletes, but also at fans and industry professionals, because equestrian sport is a multi-faceted and extremely diverse way of life. On our way into the future, the way we interact with younger generations is of crucial importance. ”

When the IOC awarded the 2028 Olympic Games to Los Angeles in 2017 during the IOC session in Lima (PER) , the FEI President welcomed this great opportunity for this Candidate City to host the Games in a cost-effective manner. The United States has a long and successful equestrian tradition and has developed into a country of sustained equestrian excellence on an international level. The equestrian facility in Los Angeles offers the breathtaking sports backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains and offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase our sport.

The approval of the first sports program will take place in February 2022 and the finalization of the events and the athlete quota will follow in December 2024 confirmed for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.


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