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CM – Evelyn Yang breaks down in tears over « racist » comic mockery of husband Andrew

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang’s wife burst into tears Tuesday over a cartoon depicting her husband as a tourist visiting Times Square.

An original version of the political cartoon posted online by its artist Yang only showed slits for his eyes, an old anti-Asian stereotype.

« It’s not funny. It’s racist. It’s toxic, » Evelyn Yang said during a press conference with her husband in Queens.

She said the cartoon was later published by the New York Daily News was published through the eyes of the candidates, « the troop of the Asian foreigner immortalized ».

« This not only dehumanizes the Asians, but also promotes racism against them, » she said. « What message does this send to all Asians, who are afraid to go outside? « 

Evelyn Yang – the mother of two young boys – also choked with emotion when she said, » It is very difficult to explain this to our children. « 

« Every time you joke that Andrew is not a New Yorker, you’re telling Asian Americans that they don’t. »

The cartoon in question was first made Monday afternoon by Bill Bramhall, the editorial artist for the Daily News , posted on Twitter, apparently in response to Andrew Ya ng’s claim that Times Square is his favorite subway station.

The Daily News then published a slightly modified version on Tuesday that looked Andrew Yang’s face in the eye.

Previously, Evelyn Yang tweeted the Born and raised in Queens, the cartoon side by side with another showing a gross stereotype of a person with slotted eyes, buck teeth and traditional Chinese clothing while saying, « HARRO AMELLICA! » next to a bellhop with a pile of oversized ones Chinese wired food stalls.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Rep. Ron Kim (D-Queens) displayed a copy of the original version and urged the Daily News to apologize and remove the cartoon from its website. </ Andrew Yang also said: "Some of my opponents in the race characterized us as more New York than others."

A phone number listed in Bramhall’s name was not in B on Tuesday and email requests for a comment sent to four accounts associated with him were returned as undeliverable.

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