CM – « Fantastic for the Club » ITFC fans are delighted that Ed Sheeran has sponsored jerseys


How the current shirt from Ipswich Town with the new sponsorship logo from Ed Sheeran would look like
– Photo credit: ITFC / Andy Warren

Supporters of Ipswich Town Football Club said it was « fantastic » that Ed Sheeran will be the club’s next shirt sponsor.

It was announced today that Sheeran will be the club’s new shirt sponsor for the 2021 season / Will be 22.

Mark Ramsay, Chairman of the Ipswich Town Football Supporters’ Club, said, « I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for both the club and Ed because we can become brands together.

« He’s obviously a local boy and he supports many other local causes as well. I think we, as supporters of Ipswich Town, should try to support him as much as he supported us.

« Ed Sheeran is now a global brand as an individual, so if the name of his new album is on the front I believe this will encourage a lot of fans around the world to buy it. « 

 » I think it’s a one year deal right now, but I think it’s a great opportunity for the association. « 

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