CM – FIFA corruption journalist Andrew Jennings has died at the age of 78


British journalist Andrew Jennings, who exposed corruption at FIFA, Olympic and Scotland Yard, dies at the age of 78 after a « brief and sudden illness ».

Andrew Jennings, award-winning investigative sports reporter, is credited with exposing bribery within FIFA after four years of dealing with the dark side of the « beautiful game » that led to the overthrow of its then-President Sepp Blatter.

Scottish-born Jennings, its investigative Documentation about FIFA also helped with the dismissal of Blatter’s predecessor, the Brazilian João Havelange, also took action against corruption at the IOC and Scotland Yard.

In fact, Jennings’ revelation about corruption in Scotland Yard led him to the 1986 The BBC left after the British Broadcast Company refused to air it. The documentary was eventually broadcast by World in Action and later turned it into a book. Cocaine Connection of Scotland Yard.

Andrew Jennings, who died on January 8, 2022 after a brief and sudden illness, was highly regarded in the field of investigative journalism.

« If you look at the revolution in the international sports debate in the past 30 years would only have to give a name … that name and this person would be Andrew Jennings, ”wrote Jens Sejer Andersen, director of the campaign group for athletic integrity Play The Game.

Jennings investigation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the corrupt practices discovered within the organization, inspired him to write his first groundbreaking sports betting book « The Lords of the Rings » (1992), which he co-authored with Vyv Simson.

The book would give both authors a five-day suspended prison sentence before the court of the canton of Vaud in Lausanne for defamation of the IOC, and Andrew Jennings was banned from IOC events for years, according to Play The Game.

BBC Panorama wrote: « We are deeply saddened to hear the death of investigative journalist and Panorama reporter Andrew Jennings.

 » Andrew was banned from FIFA for asking questions about corruption and joined Panorama on a film series filming that exposes systemic misconduct in the sports organization. « 

We are deeply saddened by the death of investigative journalist and panoramic reporter Andrew Jennings.

Banned by FIFA for asking questions about corruption, joined Andrew Panorama to direct a series of films highlighting systemic misconduct at the sports organization is uncovered

Fifa whistleblower Bonita Mersiades wrote: « The sports journalism & sport has lost a brilliant individual journalist who has put the misconduct of world sport into the spotlight than hardly anyone else would. »

« Sports journalism & Sport has lost a brilliant one-on-one journalist who has shed the spotlight on world sport’s failings when hardly anyone else would, &, when so many (including & especially in #Australia) vilified him for doing so.  » #AndrewJennings

Associated Press sports writer Graham Dunbar said: “Every journalist who follows FIFA has devoured this important book by Andrew Jennings , enjoyed and learned from it. Probably most of the FIFA staff and officials too. ”

Every journalist following FIFA has devoured, enjoyed and learned from this important book by Andrew Jennings. Probably most of the FIFA employees and officials too.

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