CM – FIH promises to do a « thorough analysis » of the voting process for the Stars Awards


International Hockey Federation (FIH) chief executive Thierry Weil has vowed to conduct a « thorough analysis » of the voting process for its annual Stars Awards after Indian players and their affiliated officials controversial all eight of the year’s eight categories and Olympic champions Belgium and The Netherlands completely missed it.

Belgium had to be content with three of their players finishing second despite adding the Olympic title to their world crown in Tokyo 2020.

India won bronze in the men’s tournament at the Olympic Games and was fourth in the women’s tournament.

« If the gold medalists don’t win a prize in an Olympic year and another nation gets them all, it is clear that it will not go down well, » said he.

« So of course I understand the disappointment and partly also the anger, especially of the teams involved.

The vote process was weighted so that the selection of the national associations accounted for 50 percent of the total result, while the votes of the fans and players together with the decisions of the media made up 25 percent.

« This process – as long as it is implemented by everyone – should work « , Demanded Weil.

The French FIH boss also added that the process is » pretty much the same « as with previous editions of the awards, which last took place in 2019 after they last year because of the COVID-19 The pandemic had been canceled Tweaks included the national team coaches and captains who had to take the NA vote, and the Coach of the Year award was opened to a broader voting process, having previously been decided by an FIH panel.

He promised however, to work with those involved in the voting process as part of a review of this year’s awards.

« We will be with many Sta stakeholders work together to develop a process that is most supported and then continue for the next year.

« And I firmly believe that we will find a compromise that will ensure that the global ice hockey Community will continue to celebrate these awards. « 

Weil did not rule out » revealing who voted for whom « in order to increase transparency going forward, and admitted, » we shouldn’t rule out an option before.  » let’s examine them « .

FIH President Narinder Batra recently defended the awards, blaming the lack of participation by European nations. He claimed 19 of the continent’s 42 countries voted, compared to 29 out of 32 from Asia.

Batra is Indian, also heads the Indian Olympic Federation and was President of Hockey India before taking on the same role as FIH was elected.

« And I personally contacted several members of the hockey community to warn them of this situation, and I know they were active.

Almost 300,000 fans voted, and Weil claimed, « it is important to give fans the opportunity to express their views, » but said the FIH will consider whether this is the best way to encourage fan participation.

Harmanpreet Singh and Gurjit Kaur were named Player of the Year, PR Sreejesh and Savita Punia were named Goalkeepers for Men and Women of the Year, and Vivek Prasad and Sharmila Devi won the two Rising Star Awards.

The other winners were the Dutchman Sjoerd Marijne as coach of the year and the Australian Graham Reid for the men.

Patrick Burke is a junior reporter at and joined the team in 2021. He began in 2014 at the age of 15 as programming editor for local non-league soccer club Cammell Laird in 1907 and later served as the club’s media officer for six years, all volunteer. He studied history at the University of Sheffield from 2017 and graduated with a first-class distinction in 2020, where he received his doctorate in 1936 on the People’s Olympiad in Barcelona. While in Sheffield, Burke was the sports editor and then assistant editor of Forge Press. one of the UK’s leading student newspapers. Burke spent a summer stay at Waseda University in Tokyo in 2018 and traveled to Sierra Leone for an immersion retreat as well as to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva during high school.

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