CM – Foreign Minister: Germany will not help Afghanistan if Sharia law is enforced


Heiko Maas warns Germany against stopping financial aid if the Taliban impose Islamic law in Afghanistan.

Germany will not support Afghanistan financially if the Taliban gain complete power over the country and implement Sharia law, said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Thursday the ZDF.

« We provide 430 million euros (505 million US dollars) every year – we will not give a cent if the Taliban take over the country and introduce the Sharia, » said he.

Despite resistance from Afghan government forces in several cities, the insurgents are gaining momentum. They took over key points across the country, including the southeastern city of Ghazni on Thursday, the tenth provincial capital in a week. According to US officials, the Taliban could play their advantage, which could lead to the fall of the capital Kabul within 90 days.

Meanwhile, several EU countries are concerned about a possible increase in the number of asylum seekers to Europe due to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Denmark tried to put pressure on the European Commission to allow Afghan immigrants to be deported despite the major unrest in the country, but some reversed their position on Wednesday. The Dutch State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol announced that the Netherlands would stop deportations and offer Afghans new opportunities to apply for asylum. The Federal Ministry of the Interior also imposed a ban on deportation for Afghans.

When asked whether the Commission considers Afghanistan a safe country for returning asylum seekers, an EU spokesman replied that it was up to the member states to make this appeal.

The US President is not ready to reconsider its decision to withdraw US troops, even if Afghanistan disintegrates faster than expected.

The question of what to do with the city’s half-demolished mall holds lessons for urban spaces around the world .

Politicians fight immigration dispute after a Rwandan citizen confesses to killing a Catholic priest.

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