CM – Free to Play: The NRL star has been charged with sexual assault


The sexual assault charges against NRL star Jack de Belin were dropped after two trials.

De Belin was informed by his legal advisors on Thursday of the decision that prosecutors had dropped the charges.

The St. George Illawarra star can now continue his career as a footballer, pending final approval by the NRL.

The Dragon Star has been sidelined for more than two years after being charged with sexual assault.

A jury found both de Belin and his co-defendant Callan Sinclair not guilty on May 10 but was unable to make a decision on the remainder of the indictment.

It’s unclear if Callan Sinclair got the green light to continue his career as a player.

St. George Illawarra and NSW Origin star Jack de Belin and friend Callan Sinclair are arrested and charged with grossly sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman during a night in Wollongong on December 8th.

The NRL is on a collision course with the players union to implement a « no-mistake » resignation policy. RLPA executive director Ian Prendergast supported the stance of the game against violence against women, but urged the power brokers: « The game cannot be a judge, jury and executioner until the criminal case is over. »

The ARL Commission is implementing a withdrawal policy for any player charged with serious criminal offenses leading to a maximum prison sentence of 11 years or more. De Belin – who pleaded not guilty of sexual assault – is the first player to step down under the new policy.

De Belin attorneys oppose the persistent shutdown policy also passed on to Manly Sea Eagles star Dylan Walker and young Penrith playmaker Tyrone May.

Court documents showed the frustration of RLPA chief Ian Prendergast in his correspondence with NRL chief Todd Greenberg and NRL chief Nick Weeks over the involuntary shutdown policy.

An off-season train wreck will cost the NRL more than $ 10 million in lost sponsorship over three years, federal court heard. Final motions were published in de Belin’s legal offer to lift his gambling ban while defending rape allegations. He argues that the « draconian » no-mistake stand-down rule will ruin his career.

De Belin’s career is in tatters after losing a legal offer to lift his rape gambling ban. The Dragons Castle says he is « very disappointed » that his groundbreaking challenge to the controversial policy of the Code by the Federal Court of Justice failed without error.

Judge Melissa Perry ruled that it was necessary for the NRL and the Australian Rugby League Commission to bank de Belin in response to a « clear and present threat to their legitimate interests » as the charges were grave.

The Rugby League Players Association has kept its promise to challenge the NRL’s no-fault stand-down rule following a dispute under the CBA.

Dragons are receiving a salary cap of $ 239,000 from the NRL due to de Belin’s suspension, even though the striker is on a salary of $ 550,000.

De Belin is launching a new legal challenge to the NRL’s « no fault » stand-down rules when his attorneys filed a complaint in federal court against the ruling in favor of the Australian Rugby League Commission last month after the hillbilly tried to end his have restored game status.

De Belin plans to meet again in person for the first time in more than 12 months, NRL boss Todd Greenberg, in preparation for the possibility his trial may be postponed into a third year. It is therefore that the Rugby League Players Association is about to restart a legal challenge to the NRL’s controversial no-fault closure policy. The players union wants it to be scrapped.

De Belin drops his legal action against the NRL’s no-fault closure policy and saves $ 300,000. However, he remains firmly convinced that it is an illegal trade restriction that contradicts his presumption of innocence.

The trial of De Belin and his co-defendant Sinclair was about to begin. She formally pleaded not guilty to five cases of aggravated sexual assault in Wollongong District Court. However, the sexual assault trial against the couple has been delayed due to arguments prior to the trial.

The coronavirus pandemic is further delaying the trial of NRL de Belin, and his next appearance in court is delayed for at least two more months. Coronavirus and subsequent security measures, including social distancing put in place by the district court, mean the case has been adjourned to June 22nd.

De Belin is likely to be on hold for his second full season after his sexual assault case was again postponed. A pre-trial decision on complex arguments is still weeks away, meaning the trial may not resume until November. De Belin’s contract with the Dragons expires at the end of this year.

Saint George Illawarra issued a statement with the words: « The dragons can confirm that de Belin has agreed in principle to sign with the dragons again beyond the 2020 season pending the outcome of his upcoming trial. De Belin’s terms of contract remain confidential.  » while the matter remains in court.  »

More than 40 witnesses, including NRL players, will be implicated in the trial of Jack de Belin and his co-defendant Call an Sinclair, who face serious charges of sexual assault in the NSW District Court.

A jury of five women and six men will continue to ponder evidence after being sent home Thursday afternoon. They will return Monday morning to discuss the evidence presented to them by prosecutors and defense during the three-week trial.

De Belin and Sinclair will be tried again after a jury failed to reach a unanimous decision on their sexual assault case.

The long-awaited retrial against de Belin is abandoned after Judge Nicole Norman is forced to dismiss the jury when a juror sent her a note suggesting they couldn’t afford the state allowance for jurors to live.

The trial of 30-year-old de Belin and 24-year-old Sinclair begins two years and four months after the couple were first arrested and charged.

The jury has stepped back to review its verdict in the trial of NRL star Jack de Belin and his friend Callan Sinclair.

The jury in de Belin’s trial finds that he and his co-defendant are not guilty of aggravated sexual intercourse without consenting to a specific sexual act during the incident, but cannot judge the remaining charges. De Belin remains subject to the NRL’s no-fault resignation policy and will have to wait until May 28 to see if he is facing a third trial or charges will be dropped.

The Daily Telegraph reveals that de Belin signed a four-year contract with the Dragons last September pending a non-guilty verdict. The club initially only reveals that details were « confidential while the matter remains in court ».

Prosecutors are dropping sexual assault charges against de Belin after two trials, allowing him to continue his football career pending final approval by the NRL.

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