CM – Full moon tonight: how to take a good photo on your phone or camera


People watch the « Super Flower Blood Moon » ???? rises above Bondi Beach in Sydney on May 26, 2021. Photo: Steven Saphore / Anadolu Agency via Getty

When a full moon rises, many people pull out their cell phones to take an Instagram-worthy photo, but unfortunately it’s really difficult to photograph the moon.

For that there are two reasons. First, it is very far away. So if you don’t have a telephoto lens (which makes the moon appear closer than it is) it will always show up as a very small glowing point in the picture.

Second, it’s really difficult to take photos at night. Professional cameras let you change your ISO or sensitivity rating, which means you can shoot in low light without sacrificing image quality.

The short answer is yes, but I would suggest downloading an app and photograph the moon instead of using the camera on your iPhone or Android device. Some apps allow you to increase the camera’s sensitivity rating so that you can take pictures in low light.

I would also suggest making sure that the picture contains some other element â ???? This is how you catch the moon when it passes a beautiful bridge or a mountain, for example. This gives the viewer a perspective of the size of the moon and also creates a more interesting picture.

But even with these apps, you might be a little disappointed with the result. To take a great picture of the moon, you really need a telephoto or zoom lens â ???? the longer the better. In addition to a professional camera and tripod, use a cable shutter release or your two-second delay timer to release the shutter. This prevents the camera from shaking when the button is pressed. Not only does it allow you to zoom in on the moon in the frame, but it also allows you to keep all the details in it while keeping the picture as sharp as possible.

Your settings will change depending on the quality of the camera you are using. However, you want your ISO to be set to 100 to keep the image quality at the highest level. Set your file size to Raw â ???? This allows for the largest file size of your camera.

The aperture is not that important when shooting the moon, so aim at around f8. Who takes the best pictures of the moon? I love this picture that Matt Cardy took at Glastonbury Tor in 2015:

Cardy created such an impressive frame with his composition and focal length. The size of the moon in comparison with humans creates an image that looks beyond. a???? GuardianCarly Earl is the Picture Editor for Guardian Australia

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