CM – Gallen’s Huni chuckles, « I’ll get myself if he’s KO. »


Paul Gallen has stated that he will happily forego a $ 1 million payday to see rival Justis Huni get knocked out next week.

A frustrated Gallen had tried to bring Huni’s fight against Christian Tsoye to 7th place – planned for May 26 at the Sydney International Convention Center – canceled because he was in the same place three weeks later against Huni for the Australian heavyweight Title must compete.

If Huni is injured or beaten in the fight against Tsoye, the multi-million dollar showdown with Gallen will practically come to an end, which has puzzled and angry the rugby league legend.

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After Gallen tried unsuccessfully to end the Huni-Tsoye fight with Huni’s promoter Dean Lonergan, he is now happy that his seven-figure contract was destroyed so that Huni could lose his first professional fight.

« I’ll make myself laugh when Christian Tsoye turns him off, I’ll laugh at myself, » Gallen told News Corp.

« And that’s what I said to Lonergan and he says, ‘Well, you’re not getting paid.’ He has to realize that I’m fine, I’m not scrambling for dollars.

« I hope he gets knocked out. I would piss on myself, if he missed his Olympic dream, it would serve him right.

« Yes, it would be nice to earn this big salary package, but Lonergan forgets that I’ve been doing professional sports for 20 years. I’m fine. »

Gallen (11-0-1, 6KO) and Huni (3-0, 3KO) will compete against each other at the ICC on Tuesday to officially announce their fight for June 16. Gallen, however, is angry with Lonergan because he refuses to cover his training costs if Huni can no longer secure after the Tsoye fight.

« I was more than fair to Lonergan. I didn’t even ask for compensation to pay something stupid like the $ 100,000 he got so Lucas Browne could fight me, » said Gallen.

« I only asked to reimburse all the expenses I incurred for the trip because at the end of the day I have four weeks of sparring to prepare for Justis Huni.

« To prepare for Browne and Hunt, six different guys came in for a round each so they were fresh. Now this guy (Huni) is a completely different kettle of fish, he’s fast, he’s a boxer.

« So we had to bring Teremoana Junior down from Brisbane, we had to go to Melbourne to spare Jason Whateley, to Brisbane for ‘Django’ (Faiga Opelu), which costs everything.

« That’s all I ask. Can you just cover my costs if he gets injured? And he said ‘No’, he won’t cover my costs. »

Lonergan said there was no insurance to cover Gallen’s training costs « because this is boxing, sparring can injure you ».

Gallen said Lonergan had assured him that the Tsoye fight would be akin to a sparring session for Huni that only further angered the NRL legend.

« The people in boxing seem to accept that, they see it like it’s a sparring session for him. So what is he fighting for? » Said Gallen.

« Because he has a boxing background, he’s fine. Can you imagine that it was me and my coach said, ‘It’s going to be like a sparring session for him.’ The media would be relentless.

« Imagine I’ve seen an opponent like Justis [Jack Maris] on the Gold Coast, they are glass houses, because he comes from boxing, it seems to be okay.

« It’s like me against Mark Hunt and Lucas Browne – they wanted to kill me. But because I hit them, they were suddenly sh–, they were done. It’s all that people in boxing like.

« Lonergan wants to improve Huni’s profile but he will fight in front of 40 people. »


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