CM – Giant maroons blow when ponga was excluded


Kalyn Ponga has suffered a setback that will exclude him from the Queensland State of Origin competition.

The Knights star was withdrawn from clashing with the Warriors this weekend after failing to meet the standards required to play NRL after being sidelined with a kidnap problem.

However, in a statement from the Knights Club, the clubs said it would take Ponga all of next week to continue his rehabilitation phase.

« Unfortunately, Ponga has not been able to achieve the training intensity and volume required to return to the game, » the statement said.

« The representative round of the next week and the following week will be used for Kalyn to continue his rehabilitation process and re-evaluate an achievable return to the game schedule. »

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Queensland Origin star David Fifita was fined $ 20,000 and sentenced to counseling after a drunken incident that resulted in a Gold Coast Titans cover-up.

Fifita, 21, was arrested by police after charges of trespassing on property on the Gold Coast on December 27.

He was later released on a formal warning and appeared to be evading sanction by the NRL until an investigation by News Corp in February revealed that the Titans brokered a $ 10,000 payment to the family involved in the incident.

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The NRL has opened an investigation into the Fifita incident after revealing a secret payment and has now completed a lengthy investigation that clears Fifita to play at Suncorp Stadium for Queensland, State of Origin on Sunday.

The Titans, who refused to comment on their actions, received an official warning from the NRL after failing to reveal details of the payment orchestrated by the club.

The NRL fined Fifita $ 20,000 and a suspended sentence of $ 10,000 for 12 months and ordered him to undergo counseling, education and training programs for violating the game’s code of alcoholic conduct and discredited the game.

Fifita also has to personally pay for the $ 10,000 security system installed on the property, leaving him up to $ 30,000 out of pocket if he steps over again next year.

« The Breach Notice accepted by Fifita states that he broke NRL rules when he walked into a home he did not live in on December 27, 2020, » the NRL said.

« Although it was accepted that Mr Fifita believed they had been invited to the home, his behavior on entering the home showed poor judgment and fell well short of his obligations as an NRL player. No criminal action was taken against Fifita.

« The Gold Coast Titans have been cautioned for failing to promptly disclose the club’s payment for a security system installed in the home after the incident.

« Fifita personally pays the cost of the system in addition to its fine. There is no salary cap impact on this matter. »

The NRL’s investigation was dragged on due to the bizarre nature of the incident and the lack of video evidence, with the Integrity Department relying on witness reports to summarize what happened.

Fifita was interviewed by NRL investigators as part of the trial, claiming he was invited to the address. A drunk Fifita left his cell phone in an Uber when he got to the property and decided to enter the house.

Then he is said to have entered a room in which a woman was lying in bed, only to be confronted by her partner with a baseball bat.

Fifita was chased from the property before the police were called, arrested on the street, and taken to Broadbeach Station for questioning.

The incident was originally attributed to a misunderstanding and Fifita was not charged by the police.

However, the Titans’ decision to negotiate a compensation agreement with the affected family raised eyebrows at NRL headquarters when they were told by News Corp.

The agreement provided for the installation of a security gate and cameras on the property, and the Titans did not notify the NRL of the agreement.

The saga isn’t the first time a payment has been made after Fifita got into hot water.

In 2019, when Fifita was signed to the Brisbane Broncos, Fifita paid $ 30,000 to obtain his release from a prison in Bali after an alleged incident with a nightclub security guard.

The Fifita camp has repeatedly claimed that his profile as an NRL star has made him the victim of a blackmail plot and that the « peace deal » is the only way for him to leave the Indonesian island.

The bulldozing striker’s off-field behavior has now cost him at least $ 50,000 in fines and payments over the past 18 months.


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