CM – Giant Tesla battery causes renewable energies to explode – not as intended


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Tesla’s battery technology is extremely hot, especially in Australia – but not in a positive way. A 300-megawatt lithium-ion battery that was built in the state of Victoria with Tesla technology is literally on fire.

The “Victorian Big Battery” – an installation that is due to go online this year – Commissioned by the authorities « to increase the state’s energy reliability, lower electricity prices and support Victoria’s transition to renewable energies – as well as create local jobs if we take steps towards a COVID normal. » . « 

The battery is currently enjoying success on the job front: According to the register, over 20 fire brigade units have teamed up to put out the fire.

JUST IN: Firefighters are currently at the site of a battery fire in Moorabool, in the Near Geelong, the fire department is working to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding batteries. Https:// # 7NEWS

Fire and Rescue Vic Toria said the fire burned in only one shipping container, and rescue workers are working to « contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby batteries. »

The fire has triggered an air quality alert, suggesting residents of nearby suburbs are following Pull indoors, close doors and windows, and even turn off heating and cooling systems that draw in air from outside homes or offices. The stay-at-home warnings came shortly after a COVID-19 lockdown ended in Victoria.

While the battery uses Tesla hardware, the French renewable energy company Neoen is responsible for construction, operations and responsible for maintenance.

Construction of the Victorian Big Battery is halfway over … ️🦺Go Team !! @AEMO_Media @Tesla
@AusNetServices @downergroup @UGLPtyLimited

The Victoria government commissioned the battery to create storage capacity that would offset the shutdown of coal-fired power plants. The battery should go online before the southern summer.

The registry asked Tesla and Neoen to comment on the cause of the fire. ®

In January 2019, the company issued a warning [PDF] that last orders for the CPU must be received by January 30, 2020 and that the last deliveries would leave the door on July 29, 2021.

China has cracked down on big tech again, this time telling some of its biggest players to get rid of pop-up ads in apps.

A decree from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Wednesday indicates that it has strongly suggested Pop-ups disappeared as early as 2017, and took up the issue several times in 2021 with reviews of popular apps.

The latest announcement states that the ministry’s ongoing app inspection program has 14 apps with inappropriate pop-ups found in the faces of users, suggesting that developers knew their commitments but chose to re-code their goods to include ads.

The internals The international space station ISS is tilted 45 degrees today after Nauka, a just docked Russian module, suddenly and unexpectedly fired its engines.

The launch of Nauka, also known as the Multipurpose Laboratory Module, did not go smoothly. Engine problems and dodgy docking sensors resulted in the vehicle not hitting the orbital laboratory to this day. It had been shot down eight days earlier on a Proton-M rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Even after the vehicle was finally able to dock, the problems did not stop. Within hours of attaching itself to the space station, its engines began firing aimlessly. According to NASA, the generated thrust led to the entire space station losing control of the situation:

The upcoming changes to Google’s Play Store guidelines bring with them various data protection improvements – but also include a security improvement and a disclosure requirement that it requires deserves to be mentioned.

First, there is a specific ban on the fraudulent use of interpreted languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python and Lua. This is more of a refinement and tightening of the previous policy than a new rule.

As of October 15, 2021, Google stated: « We are clarifying the device and network abuse policy to prevent apps or SDKs with interpreted languages (e.g. JavaScript) that are loaded at runtime violate Google Play guidelines. « 

On Thursday, Huawei officially announced its latest flagship smartphones, which are due to the ongoing US sanctions on 5G capabilities is lacking.

The handsets – the P50 and P50 Pro – have a maximum of 4G / LTE and are thus behind competing high-end devices.

Both also run Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2, the open source Linux – Android kernel and core packaged in Huawei’s proprietary Mobile Apps and Software Store. While this operating system runs Android apps, it doesn’t come with Google’s proprietary suite of Play, Gmail, etc.

Less than a quarter of Cisco’s 77,000 employees want to spend three days or more in their office if the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted – and so Switchzilla is launching a “great hybrid work experiment.”

“We know the office has changed forever, and we won’t be going back to the office or the physical space as we did before « , wrote Francine Katsoudas, Cisco Executive veep and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer.

 » While around half of our employees were in the office four to five days a week before the pandemic, less than a quarter would like three or more being in an office more days a week when the offices are open again. « 

Google’s efforts to create a » privacy sandbox « – a set of technologies for serving personalized ads online without the tracking problems caused by cookie-based advertising – continue to struggle with their privacy promise.

The privacy sandbox is a series of Vogel-themed web technology proposals that aim to deliver interest-based ads to target groups and not individuals.

A large part of this advertising-related data processing should take place in the browsers of Internet users in order to prevent personal data from being passed on to remote servers where it could be misused.

Samsung Electronics is soaring due to a surge in memory prices and demand is expected to remain strong for the remainder of 2021.

The South Korean tech monster reported record-breaking consolidated sales of 63.67 trillion yen (55.5 billion yen) for the second quarter of 2021 US dollars), a fifth more than in the previous year, as most of the divisions have the best Sc Exceeded management estimates.

The Chaebol also saw an [PDF] increase in operating profit of 54 percent to 12.57 trillion yen, with more than half of that attributable to its semiconductor business.

The cost of the Britain’s new “national flagship” to replace the Royal Yacht Britannia has already risen by 50 million pounds in just two months, as announced yesterday.

At the end of May, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sketched details for a new ocean-going gin palace to Scamming VIPs, negotiating trade deals and hoisting the flag for UK Plc.

Russia’s aging Nauka module made it to the International Space Station (ISS) around 25 years after the research module began.

Despite a somewhat problematic one Launching in space after launching on a Proton-M rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, engineers were able to fire the veteran module’s engines in a series of orbital corrective maneuvers rn to bring Nauka to the ISS.

Between July 13th and July 16th, someone took over the Mailgun account of the restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill and ordered credentials with misused marketing messages.

The phish control company INKY said Thursday that during that period it discovered 121 phishing emails from Chipotle’s Mailgun account.

The phishing messages contained two fake voicemail notifications with malware attached, targeted at those who did Making distinctions, also known as « vishing ». They also contained 14 emails designed to look like USA bank communiqués and 105 messages dressed as if they were from Microsoft. These forged letters directed recipients to credential-collecting websites designed to mimic the USAA Bank and Microsoft login pages, respectively.


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