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Gigi Hadid has asked for privacy when it comes to her and Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai and urges people not to share photos of their baby’s face.

Gigi Hadid has an open letter to paparazzi, Written press and fan accounts to avoid posting pictures of Baby Khai’s face.

The 26-year-old model shared a long statement on her social media accounts asking for privacy when it comes to her and Zayn Malik’s 10-month-old daughter leaves.

While Gigi has previously shared photos of her daughter online, she never shares snapshots of her face and hopes not to have to protect her baby from the public when she goes out with her.

« When our baby grows up, we have to realize that we can’t protect it from everything as we wanted and could when it was younger, » Gigi began in her statement, which was published on her Instagram Stories and Twitter became.

« She loves to see the world! » she continued e continued, « And although she can get a lot of it near the courtyard, she can also experience other places – a real blessing.

 » During our last visits to New York, she started lifting her parasol (which she thought of at home) and use it yourself! She doesn’t understand why it’s covered in the city or what I wanted to protect her from.

« I also want her to see the most amazing city in the world, the beautiful and diverse people walking the streets of NYC … that is, without the hassle of media circus that comes with parents who are public figures. ”

Gigi then went on to kindly ask the dads, the press, and fan accounts to post pictures of Khai’s face blurring so « she can choose how to share with the world when she comes of age, » adding that she wants to « live as usual ». a childhood as possible ‘.

Gigi went on to urge people to respect her and Zayn’s privacy while they take their daughter to explore NYC without worrying about Khai’s photos being shared online.

« If you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blur your face from the pictures when and when she is captured in front of the camera. I know it’s an extra hassle – but as a new mom, I want only the best for my baby, like all parents do … and I hope this can continue the talk of protecting minors in the media even if they’re out of one public family, « She added.

The mother of one said goodbye by thanking Dads for being respectful and distant on previous trips with her daughter before thanking fans for letting them know they « understood where I came from ».


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