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Berejiklian is heard the day after the investigation of a series of tapes of phone calls between her and Daryl Maguire. Follow all evidence live

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Robertson draws Berejiklian’s attention to Maguire’s statement yesterday about his feelings for the ex-prime minister.

I had these feelings, but I was never assured of a level of commitment that, in my opinion, should have resulted in introducing him to my parents, or introducing him to my parents, or considering it sufficiently important.

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Scott Robertson, legal counsel, immediately asks the ex-prime minister if she would have disclosed the disclosed personal relationship with Daryl Maguire if she had time again.

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A key question that arose during the hearings was: Should Gladys Berejiklian have declared her relationship with Daryl Maguire as a possible conflict of interest?

Well, according to a former Prime Minister, a former Deputy Prime Minister and the current Deputy Liberal Leader, the answer is a resounding yes.

Icac heard from former Prime Minister Mike Baird last week who said he was « in disbelief » at the unveiling of the secret relationship and said it « should have been exposed ».

Liberals Vice Chairman Stuart Ayres said the conflict should have been exposed when in 2017 a proposal for the grant for the shooting range was presented to a powerful Berejiklian cabinet committee, which Berejiklian chaired as treasurer at the time.

« I was concerned there was a conflict to be managed, » Ayres told the investigation.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro also said the relationship should have been disclosed. He told Icac that the committee’s decision to approve the $ 5.5 million audio target grant was « deeply unusual »: The underlying fact is that there is a conflict of interest in the Relationship should have been disclosed.

You can safely expect Berejiklian to face a flurry of questions on the matter as you testify.

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Gladys Berejiklian speaks ahead of her appearance at ICAC, thanks the public for their support, says she has always put the public’s interest first, says she did not follow the hearings. @ 2GB873

#BREAKING | Former Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian spoke shortly before her appearance at the ICAC this morning, thanking the public for their support and saying all she did was for the people of New South Wales. Also says she didn’t follow the hearings #nswpol

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What did Daryl Maguire say to the investigation on Thursday, and why was it important?

It didn’t make it pleasant to watch, but attorney Scott Robertson, who was assisting the investigation, asked the former MP for specific details about his secret relationship with Gladys Berejiklian.

You are in love, confirmed the former MP, and talked about marriage and having children. They often lived together and he had a key to her house which he said she never asked him to go back to. He also told Robertson that the relationship was « physically intimate ».

There were some criticisms of the interview and Berejiklian’s lawyer Sophie Callan SC sought a private hearing, unsuccessfully. But, as Robertson argued, there was good reason to ask the questions.

As I said in the previous post, one of the key questions for Icac is whether Berejiklian acted in circumstances where she had a conflict due to a « private interest ». A private interest under the NSW Department’s Code of Conduct is, as Robertson pointed out yesterday, not limited to a financial gain.

However, determining the extent of the relationship is key to determining whether Berejiklian has a private interest. And the former prime minister has repeatedly downplayed the importance of her relationship with Maguire since her first reveal. Last year she told a Sydney radio station, “He wasn’t my boyfriend. He was nothing remarkable. ”

The commission also heard evidence that Berejiklian Maguire was feeding information about projects he had campaigned for in his constituency and spoke at the after his resignation after appearing on a separate Icac investigation Year 2018 with him.

In a bugged phone call in which he complained about « roadblocks » in the financing of a project, she replied:

I know, but you still get everything. We recently checked off your conservatory, that is now a done deal.

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Before we hear from Gladys Berejiklian, it may be worth refreshing our memories of Icac’s investigation.

In 2018, Daryl Maguire, longtime Wagga Wagga Liberal MP, led an Icac investigation called Operation Dasha, who focused on allegations of corruption in a Sydney municipal council.

In the wake of Maguire’s testimony to the investigation, telephone calls were made between him and a 2016 city council discussing the possibility of commissions on the sale of Earning building plots that they wanted to help broker.

Maguire eventually resigned from Parliament, but Icac opened a separate investigation into his affairs. The company, called Operation Keppel, held public hearings last October that revealed that Maguire had attempted to « monetize » his position as MP, including making hundreds of thousands of dollars on a land business in west Sydney.

The investigation didn’t make headlines until Berejiklian appeared as a witness. At one of the most significant moments in the state’s recent political history, then Prime Minister Icac said that she and Maguire had been in a « close personal relationship » since at least 2015.

We heard this week that most of their officers and close political allies, including former Prime Minister Mike Baird, only found out about the relationship on the witness stand. Baird described his reaction at the time as “incredulous”. More significant was the fact that Icac had wiretapped Maguire’s phone and tapes played at the hearing revealed that he had told the prime minister about money he wanted to do with the land deals he considered using his influence MP tried to mediate.

« I don’t need to know anything about it, » you heard her say on the call.

A year later, Icac announced that it had broadened the focus of its investigation to include the behavior of Berejiklian himself. When the guard announced earlier this month that they were the focus of the investigation, they immediately resigned.

The investigation focuses on two central questions: Has Berejiklian violated public confidence by performing her public duties in situations where she was “in a position of conflict” due to her relationship with Maguire, and whether she was complying with her legal obligations Duties under the state’s Icac Act of failing to report behavior that she “reasonably suspected” could have been corrupt.

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Gladys Berejiklian’s evidence in front of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

It has been almost a month to the day since Berejiklian sensationally resigned as NSW Prime Minister and stood up on her way to Icac.

Berejiklian now faces a number of burning questions about her involvement in the award of two grants – the 5.5 million

her secret lover, disgraced ex-Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire advocated both.

On Thursday, on an explosive day of evidence, Icac overheard scathing phone calls in which Berejiklian Maguire said she would « throw money » at his former Wagga Wagga seat after he stepped down from Parliament and seek his « advice. » “Ask what projects should be funded to keep the seat.

She told Maguire that funding one of two scholarships was a « finished deal » after complaining about « roadblocks » on his « money projects ».


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