CM – Golden Globes 2022 canceled on NBC as HFPA scrambles to reform Hollywood regulations


There will be no Golden Globes on NBC in 2022 as the beleaguered Hollywood Foreign Press Association continues to stall to the satisfaction of Hollywood studios and stakeholders.

« We continue to believe the HFPA is committed to a meaningful Reform begins, « said Comcast’s own network this morning. “However, changing this magnitude takes time and effort, and we strongly believe that it takes time for the HFPA to get it right. As a result, NBC will not be broadcasting the 2022 Golden Globes. Provided the organization executes its plan, we are confident that we can air the show in January 2023. “

To carefully get Tinseltown and America out of the coronavirus pandemic, the decision to close the 2022 Globes was made on Monday when WarnerMedia, along with Netflix and Amazon, severed ties with the HFPA that weekend in a collective lack of trust the non-profit group to carry out serious system reforms.

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In the fog of upheaval, it is currently unclear whether NBC will pay the HFPA the annual fee of 60 million US dollars for the 2022 right to broadcast the Globes produced by Dick Clark Productions or not. NBCUniversal signed a new contract with HFPA and dcp in 2018 to continue the long-term broadcast of the ceremony until 2026 at the inflated price.

After the reforms and relevance collapsed and burned for the time being, the only statement the HFPA made today was so far, a tweet at the international box office shortly before the news of the formwork in 2022 became known

The Globes have been a magnet for controversy for decades and are increasingly on shaky feet this year, since shortly before the semi-virtual Shindig In February it became known that the HFPA had no black members.

Hit by a clever Time’s Up campaign on the eve of the 78th Globes, a trio of HFPA brass tried to soften events by taking them on stage stepped in, pledging to increase representation and adopt policies with great inclusiveness. To say this attempt went badly is an understatement of blockbuster proportions.

Since then, things have gone from bad to terrible as the HFPA leadership put patch after patch on Hollywood’s top studios and talents have expressed their displeasure with the group as a whole.

On May 6, around 75 of the 86 members of HFPA Island voted in favor of a proposal to be included and revised by the group’s board earlier this week Hope suggested rephrasing the narrative. The chatter over the weekend, particularly when Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix announced that the streamer would not deal with the HFPA until some real reform had taken place, made it loud and clear that it was too little and too close was late.

Admittedly, the first steps are a 50% membership increase over the next 18 months, hiring a CEO, and other top governance positions (although not a replacement for long-term General Counsel / Chief Operating Officer George Goeckner comes into question) and behavior and ethical measures. After the 78th globes and before the last vote, the HFPA saw racially offensive remarks by a former president and the newly minted Diversity and Inclusion Adviser Dr. Shaun Harper, and top / scandal inspirer Judy Smith, both frustrated.

With what happened last week and NBC’s announcement today, the duo’s exit looks positively prophetic.


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