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Nothing is left to chance as the country prepares for the great arrival in Ireland on Christmas Eve


North Pole Correspondent

SANTA is taking no chances with the Irish weather this year. Rain, hail, snow or fog, thanks to a secret weapon, he can easily find his way to every boy and girl in the country.

We can exclusively reveal that special, very bright LED spotlights are set up along the entire coast Point up to the sky to guide Santa and his sleigh as he rushes from house to house on late Christmas Eve and into the wee hours of Christmas Day.

All children reading this should be aware that the oversized Radio controlled lights will only be turned on when Santa Claus enters Irish airspace – long after they slept in bed – after his heavy duty sled was discovered by the Dublin air traffic control center.

The light will be green so Santa will know even in the thickest of fog that he has reached Ireland. As a backup, all coastal lighthouses will be fitted with green lightbulbs for the night.

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Santa’s navigation team has planned a route from the southeast to Ireland and the sled is supposed to fling around the tower of Hook Lighthouse before traveling up the east coast and then zigzagging across the country according to a pattern worked out by North Pole Mathematicians so no child is overlooked.

Santa and his reindeer have been training year-round to prepare for Christmas Eve, and his hi-tech sled has been double-checked by a special team of elf mechanics at the North Pole.

But even if one of the reindeer gets a cramp (and usually it’s Rudolf, because he has to work the hardest up front) or the sled has a mechanical defect, there are plans to help Santa Claus on the trip again.

A reindeer veterinarian and a sled engineer have already flown in from the North Pole and the civil defense is ready to take them to Santa Claus anywhere in the country if necessary gen.

A second sled was also shipped to Ireland. In the unlikely event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired, it can be put into operation very quickly thanks to a new Rapid Reindeer Release mechanism. North Pole HQ won’t tell you where sled number two is, but it’s considered safe in the Wicklow Mountains.

Santa’s sled was upgraded this year with a large 4K touchscreen with the latest Met Eireann weather maps, a rain cover that closes automatically when it rains, and powerful fan heaters on the front to keep the reindeer warm in cold weather.

By the time the sled touches down in Ireland, most of the kerosene will be used up, so the Santa Claus will be making a pit stop at a purpose-built gas station on the Wexford-Wicklow border this year. He is expected to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the tank to fill.


Food is the only thing Santa doesn’t have to worry about when he arrives in Ireland. Irish children are some of the most generous in the world and all the carrots, milk and cookies they leave out give Santa, Rudolf and the eight other reindeer the energy they need for their supplies.

Taking a break from his With a busy schedule, Santa Claus spoke to us on a video call from the North Pole and said he was really looking forward to visiting Ireland.

“The boys and girls in Ireland have been very, very good this year and I can’t wait to see them to hand over their gifts. Rudolf prances around excitedly. He says Irish carrots are the best! « 

Santa Claus said all boys and girls should be in bed early on Christmas Eve » to get a good night’s sleep so they can enjoy all the toys on Christmas Day « .

He loves the Christmas hustle and bustle, but is also looking forward to getting together with Mrs. Claus for a well-deserved rest on Christmas night. “We’re going to watch a replay of the Late Late Toy Show. I didn’t have time to see it and I heard it was a very good year. ”

With a wave of goodbyes and a big smile, he wished everyone in Ireland a Merry Christmas. « Ho, ho, ho … see you all on Christmas Eve! »



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