CM – Greens publish Keynote Forests Transformation Policy


The large burn scars left by an escaped logging that threatened the Styx Tall Trees Reserve in March of this year are indictments against both major parties.

At a time of global warming and ecological decline, make theirs ideological, unscientific devotion to logging and burning indigenous forests makes them a crime against the planet and future generations.

It is also an economic crime for successive Liberal and Labor governments to continue pouring public money into loss-making indigenous forestry.

After decades of destruction and division, it is time that the deforestation of native forests in Tasmania ended. Young people understand this, and so do the Greens.

It is time to listen to the science and apply the principles of sustainability, equity between generations and precautionary principles to the forests of this island.

The Tasmanian Greens did Today released an evidence-based and costly plan to end the deforestation of indigenous forests and make Tasmania a global leader in carbon banking.

Our plan provides skilled forest workers with a just transition to better manage forests, Tasmania reinvigorate, become carbon bankers and become specialists in bushfire fighting.

We will rename Forestry Tasmania and transform it into a new government agency, Forests Tasmania, which will become a force of restoration rather than destruction.

Instead of accelerating global warming and increasing the risk of bush fires, For ests Tasmania Help Tasmania become a global leader in forest and biodiversity conservation and carbon storage for a safe climate of the Tasmanian Forest Agreement, will flow into reserves as intended.

We will classify the Permanent Timber Production Zone (PTPZ) forests as reserves for carbon capture and conservation.

And we will work to improve the in To monetize carbon stored in these forests to provide the state budget with an income instead of a loss.

The Greens will ban high-intensity burns to improve community safety and promote public health. We will also ensure that fuel-saving burns are backed by science, rather than arbitrary, politicized goals.

Aboriginal cultural burning practices will be an integral part of safe, strategic risk management for bush fires in a warming climate.

The Greens strongly support the introduction of cultural incineration techniques, led by Aboriginal practitioners, as an important tool to fight fires in forest areas in the future.

The subsidies that allow cheap indigenous woodchips to dominate the wood sector , will end under the Greens plan, and the transition to a plantation-based industry will be accelerated.

We will provide the resources to tackle illegal timber hooking and a licensing system for the sustainable sale of firewood from Plantagenla nd.

We believe that our plan for the island’s forests is the clear and ethical way forward, and will give young Tasmanians real hope for a secure climatic future.

Guy Barnett scares and loathes the community because of it of the forests, with unfounded accusations of tree spines.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | July 24th, 2020

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s “Three Year Timber Production Plan” is a climate catastrophe.
Dr. Rosalie Woodruff MP | Press release | July 7th, 2020

If the minister wants their work to be so much easier, he must work within the cabinet to end the deforestation of indigenous forests.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Parliamentary activity | June 25, 2020

The best gift the Tasmania Good Wine Government could give on World Environment Day is a policy reset.
Dr. Rosalie Woodruff MP | Press release | June 5, 2020

Independent scholars have written to Tasmanian MPs highlighting studies showing a clear link between deforestation of native forests and the risk of bush fires.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | May 27, 2020

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