CM – Hailey Bieber on why she refused to give up her marriage to Justin Bieber


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“Imagine leaving someone at the worst part of your life, possibly. I’m not that type of person. ”

Hailey and Justin Bieber spoke openly about the darkest moments of their marriage – and why they refused to give up.

during a guest appearance on In Good Faith with Chelsea & Hailey remembered the pain of watching Justin, who had previously shared his experiences with depression, go through mental struggles in the early days of their marriage. (The two officially got married in late 2018 and were drawn together again in an elaborate ceremony the following year.) « I remember calling [my mother] a couple of times, once when we were in Brooklyn and she called, I cried and thought, ‘I just can’t. There is no way I can do this if it will be like this forever ‘” she said. “And I just remember that she was so calm on the phone and she said, ‘It will pass and you will be fine and he will be fine and we are here for you.’ And I do I have a feeling that we got a lot of support. I feel like if I hadn’t had any support, it would have been ten times harder and it was already the hardest of my life at the time. ”

The supermodel added that she made a conscious decision to stay with him . « I think I was there too, » she said. « I’ve made a decision. I know for a fact that I’ve loved this person for a long time and now wouldn’t be the time to give up on them. I just wouldn’t do this to him. Imagine if you were someone in the middle of the worst. » Lost time of their lives, possibly. I’m not that kind of person. So I would stick it no matter what the outcome. « 

Hailey continued, » There were days when I literally thought, ‘I know not if he is okay. ‘Something deep inside me was like’ He will get through it ‘knows how long it would take. « 

When asked if he had a breakthrough or not that made it possible for him enabled him to overcome his mental health problems, Justin said that time was the only antidote. « I just think it was about time things were healed, just that we showed up for each other every day, just were consistent, and I saw that she was going nowhere. » I think I had a lot of rejection issues that I just had to fight through, but she just came up every day and was there for me and I saw that over and over again. And I’ve just become safer. « 

Hailey added, » Neither of us would be the person to say, ‘I’m going to quit’ fighting for it, so we’ll keep fighting whatever we need. ‘ »


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