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Comedian Dan Ilic organized the billboard in Times Square calling Scott Morrison « Coal-o-phile Dundee ». (Source: YouTube).

The lackluster climate policy of the Morrison government was advertised in what is perhaps the most prominent place in the world with posters showing Scott Morrison as « Coal-o-phile Dundee » in New York’s Times Square.

Perhaps we could organize a similar display on the facade of the council building, reminding us that Innes and her colleagues say that the climate is only « variable and changing » and it is not necessary to recognize it as an emergency.

That came back to bite Innes and her Numptynoos in the buttocks when the bushfires and all hell broke out shortly afterwards.

Let us not forget the role Innes and her councilors did not play when all hell broke loose. Making sandwiches in a poorly equipped, poorly prepared evacuation center doesn’t count. Where were the mayor, the general manager and the lackeys at that time? Were they somewhere with their heads in the sand?

Does Innes still believe that there is no climate emergency because the climate is only « variable and changing »?

Perhaps Our Lizzie should go to Glasgow and explain that there is nothing to fear as the weather is changeable.

Sam Perkins
Malua bay

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