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Wondering how to move your character to another server in New World? Amazon’s gigantic MMORPG New World is full of players on its various servers and realms, but as with all of these games, some servers will be preferable to certain players than others. Whether it’s dodging long waits and delays, or just joining the same realm as your friends, most players will want to know about character transfers and how they work sooner or later.

Read on to find out how and when you can transfer your character to another server in New World.

There is currently no way to transfer your New World character to another server. This will be a blow to players who want to switch to different servers to avoid long queues, play with friends, or for any other reason an MMO player might want to switch servers.

On September 28th announced However, Amazon Game Studios announced that all players will be given the option to broadcast their characters for free at some point over the next two weeks. It seems like this is a one-time transfer that you can’t repeat, but it also means that the infrastructure is in place for Amazon to add permanent character transfers later.

The ability to transfer your character to another server , is a fairly common feature in MMORPGs becoming an integral part. When the free transfers are implemented we will definitely update this guide to explain exactly how to transfer your character to another realm.

In the meantime, if you need some New World content to To pass the wait, plan your character’s future with our best builds and weapons guides for the New World. You can also prepare for the early days of foraging and crafting by using our basics on where to find fiber and iron ore in the New World. Or, for more general advice, look no further than our New World tips and tricks!

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