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With smartwatches becoming mini-hospitals, it really was only a matter of time before the elusive feature was finally implemented. While recognizing an irregular heart rhythm is definitely a lifesaver, high blood pressure is usually a bigger problem for more people. That has unfortunately proven to be more difficult to measure with smartwatches, but Huawei’s latest smartwatch now officially claims to have solved this problem where its bigger competitors have so far failed.

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As mentioned earlier, implementing an accurate and convenient way to measure blood pressure was not easy. The need to temporarily stop blood flow with cuffs has been one of the biggest design issues for smartwatch and even medical device manufacturers like Omron and Citizen. Rumor has it that Huawei has found a way to do it, but unsurprisingly it’s cautious about the technical details.

Huawei calls its new technology « TruBP » and is referred to as « hybrid blood pressure measurement technology ». It uses micropumps and airbags in the belt to replace normal cuffs, while a high-precision pressure sensor and pressure feedback control circuit take the measurement. While there will of course be some inaccuracies, Huawei claims the margin of error is a shockingly small 3 mmHg.

Admittedly, Huawei’s blood pressure monitor is interesting, although it does compromise on its portable convenience. As described in Huawei’s own manual, measuring blood pressure with the smartwatch requires a little patience and a very specific position. It could be worth the little inconvenience of not having to carry a blood pressure monitor around with you, especially if you’re willing to overlook the marginal margin of error.
Aside from this headlining function, the Huawei Watch D is also equipped with the company’s « TruSeen » technology, this time in version 5.0, to operate the EKG function. The rest of the watch’s sensors include the typical optical heart rate sensor, an SpO2 blood oxygen monitor, and the like. All of this information is displayed on the watch’s 1.64-inch 456 × 280 AMOLED display, which, unlike most smartwatches today, is rectangular in shape.

While the Huawei Watch D is compatible with devices running HarmonyOS, Android, and even iOS, the smartwatch itself won’t be as widely used. It currently sells for RMB 2,988 (about $ 470) in China, but there is no information about its launch in international markets yet.


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