CM – Hurricane Ida strikes Louisiana, jumping levees and trapping people in attics


Staff Report – Hurricane Ida’s disastrous crawl across Louisiana flooded miles of streets and neighborhoods, tearing apart buildings and leaving hundreds of residents unable to call 911 because the service was down and cannot be rescued because the conditions are still too tricky to achieve. At least one levee towered over lower Jefferson Parish, …

This has been true throughout history and is even more true today. To fight the coronavirus pandemic and get the economy moving again, we need to come together like never before.

Senator Doug Jones knows this better than most. In his race for the United States Senate, he calls on all Alabamians of goodwill – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – to join him in this altruistic campaign to bring people together to begin healing the nation.

He needs your help so he can keep fighting for you and all of us in Washington. Will you join?

To see how Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in the 2017 Senate election, read the new chapter in this updated book by author Glynn Wilson and download the Kindle book or purchase the paperback here .

« Everyone has to decide whether to walk in the light of creative altruism or in the dark of destructive selfishness. » – MLK

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story totem pole with a message for people about accountability to Mother Earth arrives in Washington, DC at


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