CM – India vs. New Zealand: Stars are geared for me to do it in Mumbai, says Ajaz Patel of 10-wicket haul


33-year-old Patel, who emigrated from Mumbai to New Zealand with his parents in 1996, finished the Indian innings with numbers 47.5-12-119-10.

Published: December 04, 2021 3:46 PM |

Last updated: December 04, 2021 3:47 pm

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MUMBAI: « The stars have prepared for me to do it in Mumbai, » said New Zealand weirdo Ajaz Patel on Saturday after performing the rare feat, all 10 batters in an innings in his Birth town of scalping.

The 33-year-old Patel, who emigrated from Mumbai to New Zealand with his parents in 1996, finished the Indian innings with numbers of 47.5-12-119-10, reaching England’s great Jim Laker and Indian legend Anil Kumble, who had achieved the rarest rare achievement in Test Cricket before.

« To be honest, it’s surreal and it’s very special to be able to do this in my career. The stars have adjusted to it that I’m doing it in Mumbai. A very special occasion for me and not only for me, but also for my family. Unfortunately for me, you « I’m not here because of COVID. I’m in very illustrious company with Kumble too, sir, « said Patel after his performance.

When asked which of the 10 scalps was special, he said, » Not anyone in particular, just trying to repeat himself and To ask questions about the batters. « However, New Zealand suffered a batting breakdown after India folded their first innings at 325 and Patel admitted it wasn’t a big batting show on his part.

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New Zealand’s Ajaz Patel third bowler to record 10 wickets in one innings, India with 325 in the second test.

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