CM – Indian government warns locals not to use Starlink


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The Indian government advised locals not to subscribe to SpaceX’s Starlink internet service, revealing that they do not have a valid license to operate in the subcontinent.

Starlink registered its business in India on Jan. November, active in advertising and even in advance booking of subscriptions. However, it has not secured an operating license, which prompted the Indian Ministry of Telecommunications to issue a warning tweet.

The same can be found on the Starlink website (, on which satellite Internet services from Users in Indian territory.

The necessary licenses from #DOT are required to provide satellite-based services in India.

A press release released on the same day exposed more of this and scalded Starlink by stating, « The government has asked the company to revise the Indian regulatory framework for the Compliance with the provision of satellite-based communication services and from booking / provision of the satellite Internet services in. India with immediate effect. « 

Starlink’s India boss Sanjay Bhargava recently said the company has won over 5,000 customers. The company is outwardly confident that it can operate in India as it currently employs » two rock stars  » to join Bhargava and strengthen its Indian operations which are run under a wholly owned subsidiary called Starlink Satellite Communications Private Limited (SSCPL). Three weeks ago, Bhargava commented that SSCPL « could now start applying for licenses, opening bank accounts, etc. » . « 

Bhargava joined Starlink two months ago and didn’t waste time encouraging people to pre-order and sign up for the service. » If you want to get Starlink quickly after we start shipping to India, pre-order your Starlink now. I pre-ordered by simply typing ‘How to Preorder Starlink’ into Google, « he said in a LinkedIn post.

 » Our goal is to have 200,000 terminals active in India by December 2022. The actual ones Numbers may be much lower or even zero if we don’t get government approval, but it’s very unlikely that we’ll exceed 200,000, « Bhargava admitted.

India already has 800 million broadband connections – a number that rose 15 million between June and July 2021. Starlink’s estimates of 200,000 subscribers over the next 14 months suggest it won’t be a major player for the foreseeable future.

The register suggests that price is a factor StarLink only requires $ 99 for one deposit, but India’s largest wireless operator Jio today announced new mobile broadband plans that offer 2GB of downloads per day and unlimited voice services for four W ochen for the proud price of $ 2.05. Jio’s flagship, which runs a special version of Android, costs around $ 86 but can be paid off over many months. ®

Cisco has warned owners of its UCS servers that a screw may have come loose. That is, in the UCS X9508 chassis that houses your servers.

A field report issued by the company states: « The Power Entry Module (PEM) for a small number of UCS 9508 units may not be in the chassis and could be pulled out when the power cord is pulled out of the chassis.

« The captive screws that secure the PEM were not properly tightened and some chassis shipped with the module improperly attached. »

Re: Invent Adam Selipsky gave his first Re: Invent keynote as AWS CEO on Tuesday, introducing a range of services and suggesting that the cloud giant could possibly move to more package solutions instead of primarily offering infrastructure-as-a-service.

Selipsky was named CEO in March and returned to AWS from Tableau where he was chief executive for five years. Prior to joining Tableau, he was AWS VP of Brand for 11 years from the start ting, sales and support.

Re: Invent this year is only a fraction of the size it was two years ago, when more than 70,000 participants took part. Just over 20,000 showed up for Amazon’s event in Las Vegas this year, we were told, with many staying away due to pandemic concerns or travel disruptions. The reduced rush is a relief for those who made it, although the face masks and other precautions are a constant reminder that these are not normal times.

Qualcomm will today unveil its newest flagship chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a compilation of the biggest hits of the US giant’s fastest CPU, GPU, camera and modem technology.

The company claims a 20 percent increase in performance and 30 percent energy savings over its predecessor, the Snapdragon 888 , which was announced last year.

Smartphones with the Snapdragon chip – which is now a standalone brand – will be announced by the end of the year, said Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm.

Americas Labor Inspectorate has given workers at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama another chance to vote for a union after their e The first attempt at the beginning of this year failed.

« It will be ordered that the elections that started on February 8th be postponed and that a new election be held, » said Lisa Henderson, Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board, on Tuesday [PDF] .

« The National Labor Relations Board will conduct a second secret election among the staff in the unit. The employees will vote whether they want to be represented by the retail, wholesale and department store unions for the purpose of collective bargaining. ”

FluBot, a family of Android malware, is circulating again via SMS, according to the Finnish authorities. < The Nordic country's National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC-FI) recently warned that scam messages written in Finnish were being sent in the hopes that recipients would click the link to a website asking for permission to install of a malicious application.

« The messages are in Finnish, » declared the NCSC-FI. « They are written without Scandinavian letters (å, ä and ö) and contain, for example, the characters, /, &,% and @ in illogical places in the text to make it more difficult for telecommunications operators to filter the messages. The subject of the text may be that the recipient received a voicemail message or a message from their wireless service provider. « 

Ruby developer and Internet Japanese-born Aaron Patterson has released a REPL for 64-bit x86 assembly language, which allows interactive coding in the lowest of all languages .

REPL stands for « Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop », and REPLs were first seen in Lisp development environments such as Lisp Machines. They enable incremental development: programmers can write code on the fly, enter expressions or code blocks, evaluate them immediately – execute them – and have the results printed out. This was possible because Lisp blurred the lines between interpreted and compiled languages; Today they are a standard feature of most scripting languages.

Patterson has already offered breakthrough productivity improvements for developers such as an analog terminal bell and performance-enhancing firmware for the Stack Overflow keyboard. It only has Ctrl, C, and V keys for extra ease of copy and paste, but Patterson’s firmware removes the tedious need to be in control.

As the holiday season approaches, Microsoft has decided to upgrade its Edge -Browser in the US to add the financing options « Buy Now, Pay Later ».

The feature first appeared in Beta and Canary in the last few weeks before it was made available « by default » to all Microsoft Edge version 96 users .

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option appears at the browser level (rather than when paying on an ecommerce site) and allows users to cut any purchase made through Edge between $ 35 and $ 1,000 in four Spread installments over six weeks.

According to F-Secure researchers, if users are tricked into visiting a malicious website, it could allow malicious individuals to compromise 150 models of HP multifunction printers. </ Finland-based infosec firm said it had found "exploitable" bugs in HP printers that allowed attackers to "take control of vulnerable devices, steal information and infiltrate additional networks for other destinations such as tracking the theft or alteration of other data ". and inevitably "spreading ransomware".

« It is very likely that many companies are using these vulnerable devices, » said F-Secure researchers Alexander Bolshev and Timo Hirvonen.

Video footage has emerged from a British F-35B fighter jet crashing from the front of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth after a botched take-off.

The leaked clip, apparently from a CCTV camera on the carrier’s bridge, shows Lockheed Martin’s stealth plane slowly rolling down the deck before it tips over the ski jump at the bow.

When the £ 100 million RAF jet tipped forward, the pilot got out – only to get his parachute tangled on the bow of the carrier as it sank back to the ship.

Lloyd’s of London is no longer allowed to extend insurance coverage to companies affected by acts of war, and new clauses for providers of so-called « cyber » insurance companies leave the talk The emergence of organizations caught in tit-for-tat nation-state attacks is left high and dry.

The insurer’s Cyber ​​War and Cyber ​​Operation Exclusion Clauses, published late last week, contain an alarming line which suggests that guidelines should not cover « retaliatory cyber operations between certain states » or cyber attacks that « have a material adverse effect on … a state. »

« The burden of proof is on the insurer This exclusion, « warn the exclusion guidelines published by the Lloyd’s Market Association.

The UK competition watchdog has instructed Meta, the owner of Facebook, to sell Giphy after it was decided that the purchase of the animated GIF creation platform would compete with consumers and advertisers.

Today’s policy is practically the same as it was in August when the competition authority raised concerns about which could only be resolved if Facebook outsourced the $ 400 million acquisition from May 2020.

The committee that ran its finger over the merger concluded that Facebook’s purchase was already there vice-like impact on the social media landscape would only increase by:


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