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Even though the eighth season of When Calls the Heart was longer than most, it still passed in the blink of an eye. And now that the season finale has aired, Hearties want more – more of Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) adorable antics, Elizabeth’s (Erin Krakow) wistful looks, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) and Lucas (Chris McNally)) unsurpassed Devotion to the woman you love, everything. Because of this, fans are already asking important questions, namely whether (and when) When Calls the Heart is coming back for the ninth season.

Immediately after the season eight finale, Erin Krakow appeared on screen to announce some great news: « Who knew even an extra long season would go so quickly, but don’t worry when Calls the Heart next year will return for everyone -new season, « she said, delighting Hearties everywhere.

That’s right when Calls the Heart has been renewed for season 9! While it’s too early to determine what’s next in Hope Valley, here’s what we know about a possible ninth season, including whether or not Abigail’s (Lori Loughlin) return is planned.

Given the record eighth season and the show’s passionate fan base, it’s no surprise that Hallmark Channel has extended When Calls the Heart for another season. « We are proud to have When Calls the Heart as a central part of our program. It continues to mesmerize audiences with its amazing cast and storylines of love, community and optimism. We are excited to be making the trip to Hope Valley for season nine. » Continue « Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming at Crown Media Family Networks, wrote in the official announcement.

On the 15-second video announcement, Erin mentioned that the show would return in 2022 but did not provide an exact date. At this point, it can be assumed that the new season will fall in February 2022, similar to previous seasons.

Erin was very vocal about her desire to return to Hope Valley. « There’s a lot to look forward to. Hopefully we have this opportunity, » she said in a recent interview with Good Housekeeping. In particular, she wants to see Little Jack’s personality blossom, spend more time with the students, and explore uncharted territory with her new boyfriend. « I’m really looking forward to exploring the commercials. Now that Elizabeth has chosen the man of her dreams, it will be really nice when they explore that connection together, » she continued.

With all that said, hopes Erin that the show will continue for the coming seasons – yes, in the plural. When she spoke to Good Housekeeping about Elizabeth’s love triangle, she confirmed that both applicants will continue the show no matter who she chooses. « Nor is this a situation where only one guy gets the girl and the other leaves town. We’re so happy that Kevin McGarry [plays Nathan] and Chris McNally [plays Lucas] are on the show and intend to both keep of them, assuming we’ll have future seasons. « 

The rest of the cast have remained pretty calm about the upcoming season, but the show’s creator, Brian Bird, has been up for a season 9 renewal for months Made strong and even used # Season9WouldBeDivine on Twitter.

Season 9 would probably start right where the Season 8 finale left off: we’ll finally see Elizabeth commit to a relationship, Rosemary explore a new business venture who have favourited Canfields in Hope Valley and more. There’s also a chance Abigail and / or Cody (Carter Ryan Evancic) will return – or at least wishful thinking. All season long, fans have wondered if Abigail would be returning to Hope Valley, especially since Bill and Henry mention her quite a bit.

The show’s creator hasn’t ruled out the idea, telling From the Desk that some fans « shared their opinion that Hope Valley should be an example of forgiveness and grace. As Lori’s friend, I couldn’t agree more. » Erin, who often refers to Lori as her « eternal friend », also supports this possible reunion: « I love Lori and I would be so happy to see her again sooner than later in Hope Valley. She is obviously always in my heart, so would That brings me a lot of joy. « 

At this point it is still a mystery whether there will be a Christmas special for 2021. Hallmark Channel aired a When Calls the Heart film for five years on Christmas Day but had to postpone the film scheduled for 2020 due to filming delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. If Hearties get their wish, the tradition will continue in 2021!

While the Hallmark drama isn’t available on Netflix or Hulu, there are plenty of places to watch past episodes. Would you like to watch the show again while you wait for season 9? Here’s how to stream When Calls the Heart right now:


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