CM – Jacob Elordi says he is so big that his « euphoria » -costars have to stand on a box


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When Jacob Elordi was 15 years old, his mother urged him to give modeling a try – as all mothers of tall boys suggest, of course. It did not work. Elordi was told he was actually too tall; the sample sizes would not fit. « I’m very grateful, » he said in his January cover story for Men’s Health. “I really think I would have been unhappy if I had to do this.”

Elordi says he was told something similar when he went into acting. Big men on the screen blend in enough, of course. But if you’re Elordi, who mostly appears in late teenage franchises (The Kissing Booth, Euphoria) alongside co-stars who could potentially pass high school students, you’re bound to seem extra tall.

Elordi thinks not that he’s massive. “The trick is, they always cast me with girls who are 1.70 m tall,” he says. “Everyone says, ‘You are so tall!” Yes, but neither are they tall, not even women of average height. They’re pretty small. ”

Other tricks include having his co-stars stand on a box so they can be square in a shot with Elordi – rather than just floating around his midsection. Sometimes, he says, he even crouches and spits his legs in a V to lower himself.

In Euphoria, the team uses Elordi’s size to intimidate; he basically towers over his 5’2 « star and on-screen girlfriend, Alexa Demie. The differential is often used to show intimidation. Nate, Elordi’s character, isn’t exactly a pacifist.

Elordi is 6 ‘5 « tall, which again isn’t quite NBA-sized, but remains big enough to tower over other actors. Elordi’s height is just another physical trait that fans and critics and passers-by notice. This often audible remark gets old pretty quickly for Elordi.

« You quickly learn that people take your stature and figure with them from these films, » he says. “There are all kinds of old people all over the world just talking about what they look like.”

“It’s a slippery slope to put all your worth on the vanity of your body. Your body will deteriorate. « 


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