CM – Japanese scientists have succeeded in 3D printing Wagyu beef


According to a press release, a team of researchers from Osaka University has succeeded in using stem cells from Wagyu cows to 3D print what is known as a “meat alternative,” which is primarily laboratory-bred Wagyu beef.

“Individual fibers such as muscle, fat or blood vessels were produced from these cells by means of bioprinting,” the statement says. “The fibers were then arranged in 3D following the histological structure to reproduce the structure of the real Wagyu meat, which was ultimately cut vertically, similar to the traditional Japanese sweet kintaro-ame. This procedure enabled a customizable reconstruction of the complex meat tissue structure.  »

Project lead author Michiya Matsusaki added that by improving this scientific process, we may even be able to adjust the fat and muscle content of the 3D printed meat so that consumers can use it based on their taste preferences or preferences Health status can make different decisions.

Elsewhere in the food world, White Claw has launched a Surge variety pack.

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