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The video of 28-year-old Hibikiryu lying prone for a few minutes before receiving medical attention sparked widespread criticism and questions about why doctors were not present at the ring.

Hibikiryu, whose real name was Mitsuki Amano, died of acute respiratory failure. AFP file photo

A Japanese sumo wrestler died a month after landing on his head during a fight and was left unattended for several minutes, raising new concerns about the care of fighters.

Video of 28-year-old Hibikiryu , who lay prone for a few minutes before receiving medical attention, sparked widespread criticism and questions about why doctors weren’t around the ring.

The lower class wrestler, whose real name was Mitsuki Amano, was reporting according to the March 26 incident in the hospital. He died of acute respiratory failure on Wednesday, said the Japan Sumo Association in a statement.

« May his soul rest in peace and we express our heartfelt gratitude, » the statement said.

Doctors In sumo bouts, sit by the ring and it is common to wait for wrestlers to stand up on their own after throwing or falling.

Hibikiryu has also been turned over by officials. Experts pointed out that given the risk of spinal injury, this should only have been done by trained medical professionals.

The Sumo Association said « a causal link between the wrestler’s death and his injury is not clear at this point ».

« How we can improve emergency medical systems will be announced when we officially decide, » a spokeswoman told AFP.

Several Japanese sports newspapers said the sumo association was discussing changes, including this one Stationing doctors on the ring, as is the case with professional boxing.

There have been no reports of wrestlers dying from injuries in fights, but the focus has been on the dangers and medical standards of the sport.

One Controversy erupted during the New Year’s tournament in January when a wrestler who had suffered a concussion was told to return to the ring The daily Sports Nippon reported.

« The shock of the ‘Tachiai’ (initial charge) is said to be more than a ton. The thrill and appeal of sumo is fraught with dangers, « a journalist wrote for the newspaper in an analysis.

He said a former top wrestler described the sport as » experiencing car accidents every day.  » > A number of harassment scandals, including exposures of beating and other abuse, have also raised questions about sumo’s treatment of his fighters.

« I couldn’t believe my eyes as the wrestler who was obviously at high risk of spinal injury … went untreated for a few minutes while they gave priority to the announcement of who won. « 

Hideo Ito, an acupuncturist and massage therapist who has treated sumo wrestlers for two decades, said Hibikiryu may have damaged his spine when he fell.

« He was a wonderful wrestler who always had a friendly smile and always thought of others, » Ito told AFP and urged the doctors au f to be ready for every fight.

The risk of severe head injuries has become a problem in various sports in recent years, including American football, rugby, and soccer.

Sumo’s poor publicity in recent years has sparked calls for reform, including rules for admitting women to the ring.

In 2018, the Japan Sumo Association apologized after women rushing to the aid of an official who collapsed in a ring repeated it were asked to leave.

Sumo’s rings of dirt, known as « dohyo, » are considered sacred in Japanese Shinto beliefs, and women – who are ritually unclean – are not allowed to enter for fear of desecrating the holy ground.

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