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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah Jazz has used its creative roots to give its star players a boost at the end of the season’s awards show. The organization published a zine collection or group of small magazines representing each player considered for one of the NBA’s top awards.

Overall, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Jordan Clarkson, Joe Ingles, and Royce did O’Neale printed custom brochures to campaign for the end-of-season awards ceremony.

“Short for magazine, a zine is a publication of passion. Zines avoid the glossy mainstream tariff for the specialized and unconventional, « reads a statement in the brochure.

 » And this Utah jazz team was anything but traditional. That season, Utah Jazz took the league by storm, breaking franchise and NBA records. Utah became the first team to secure a playoff spot in 2021 and is well on its way to having one of the best seasons in the organization’s history.

« You have five limited-edition zines in your hands who tell the stories of five players whose passion and skill have made this team a Utah Jazz team that is second to none. « 

The @UtahJazz sent this collection of zines to voters for the NBA End this year of Season Award to encourage them to vote for jazz players.

Gobert’s Zine features a collection of precious stones, from rubies, which offer security, peace and success, to ice-like quartz.

Like a ruby, Gobert offers peace and success to jazz with its rim protector, and like quartz that resembles ice, the jazz center holds opposing teams shooting freezing cold.

Mitchell’s zine examines the guard’s relationship to the heat. The pages show the sun, a chilli pepper, a microwave, Death Valley and molten lava.

The zine highlights that Mitchell starred Bradley Beal as the second-highest scorer in the NBA after the All-Star break at 29 , 6 points per game.

Fittingly, Clarkson’s Zine is devoted to various types of buckets as the sixth Jazz Man this season is one of the best bucket-getters in the NBA off the bench.

By From a mop bucket to an ice bucket to a milk bucket, Clarkson knows how to tidy up the floor and make baskets “until the cows come home”.

From the French press to dripping to cold brewing Ingles how to awaken the jazz offense.

The zine mentions bike locks, padlocks and rim locks and highlights O’Neale’s ability to lock out the opposing team’s top scorers.


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