CM – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could be a couple again 17 years after the split


It’s not always over when it’s over. Bennifer has reunited after several reports. Former celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reportedly rekindled the romance they ended 17 years ago, according to People. JLo, 51, and Ben, 48, were apparently spotted together in Montana about a week after they were photographed at their Los Angeles home. The British tabloid Daily Mail published photos of the former and perhaps current couple in a car in Montana where Ben has a home. « Jennifer spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. It was all quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy, » quotes a source.

The high-profile engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the year 2002 ended two years later with a breakup. They have both been married and divorced since then – JLo from Marc Anthony and Ben from Jennifer Garner; Both have children with their exes. Jennifer Lopez recently ended an engagement to former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Ben Affleck and actress Ana de Armas split up in January. He’s also recently hit the headlines after allegedly DMing a woman on Instagram after she disagreed with him on a dating app.

I mean, even early 2000s relationships are back on trend . & I’m here for that! #

I can’t decide if #Bennifer take 2 is the energy we need 15 months after the pandemic, or if it’s the biggest joke ever.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck or Bennifer starred in films like Gigli and Jersey Girl before they split in 2004. It is believed that they have remained friends since then. « They are friends. They have always been friends and have met over the years, » an insider told people last month.

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