CM – Jessica Henwick’s tight legs at the premiere of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ sent me down the rabbit hole


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She did two hours of Thai kickboxing each day to prepare for her role in the film.

Actress Jessica Henwick looked absolutely gorgeous at the red carpet premiere of her new movie The Matrix Resurrections. Jessica, 29, got glamorous and wore a beautiful Greta Constantine dress with a high slit and Jimmy Choo heels that emphasized her super strong legs.

And her fans and followers love the look. Mexican actress Eréndira Ibarra commented: « You looked amazing, Mommy !!! 😍😍😍. » And Ben Barnes gave a « 💚 ».

To build her stamina for her role, Jessica told Women’s Health that she did two hours of Thai kickboxing every day.

And Jessica had previous experience with fight scenes as well, including experience with Taekwondo, Aikido and Hapkido from previous roles as Colleen Wing in Marvel and the Netflix web series Iron Fist.

Her scenes are intense, to say the least. And they also included gun training. During a JAWCast podcast interview, Iron Fist stunt coordinator Brett Chan spoke about Jessica’s hard work on We Got This Covered.

« So probably the best sequences with Jessica Henwick were because she trained four hours a day, rather than none Had martial arts experience, « he shared.

She recently started doing Barre as well. “The unfortunate thing about doing so many stunts in movies is that you get hurt. And Barre really helped me fix some of the injuries I found on Matrix, ”she told Women’s Health.

Outside of the gym, Jessica loves hiking. And in 2019 she hiked over 600 miles in 40 days.

And she loves to dive freely too – a.k.a. Dive deep underwater while holding your breath, according to the professional association of diving instructors.

« I’m pretty sure that half of the calories burned are just trying to stay warm. But for me it’s a kind of training and meditation, ”she told WH. “I love it so much.”

For her diet, Jessica eats her favorite Asian foods that she ate as a kid, including lots of seafood, rice, pickles, and Japanese rice crackers. And as a treat, she nibbles on fruit gums.


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