CM – Jordan Love doesn’t prefer to start when packer Aaron Rodgers is acting



Green Bay Packers’ Jordan Love # 10 watches during Green Bay Packers training camp at Ray Nitschke Field on August 19, 2020 in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

The Green Bay Packers are still hoping franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers will change his mind and return to lead his team for the 2021 season, but even his departure may not automatically make Jordan Love his job.

The odds makers at believe that two other quarterbacks have a better chance of being the Packers’ starting quarterback in Week 1 if Rodgers trades, which Drew Lock (300) and Derek Carr ( 400) provides advantages. over Green Bay 2020 first choice (500).

The reason, of course, is that the Broncos (200) and Raiders (900) are the two teams believed to be most likely to hit a deal for Rodgers, when the Packers cannot resolve their dispute with him and eventually begin to accept trade offers. Both teams also have two matched quarterbacks on their roster, with Lock and Teddy Bridgewater in Denver and Carr and Marcus Mariota in Las Vegas, which means that Rodgers is almost guaranteed to get to Green Bay.

The Betting odds also suggest that Rodgers doesn’t take the Packers’ first snap of the 2021 regular season (which means a 60% chance he won’t) and is evenly divided over whether the reigning NFL MVP is ahead of the first matchup Week in New Orleans.

The Packers are four months away from their first regular season game of the 2021 season and have plenty of time to ensure Rodgers remains their starting quarterback. According to Ian Rapoport, they made him a « significant, long-term » contract offer while Gutekunst has maintained an « optimistic » outlook on both sides to find a peaceful solution to their problems.

If Rodgers is engraved in his stance Not to return to Green Bay, the Packers need to think carefully about how to approach their quarterback position going forward.

From NFL Now: The #Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers have a complicated relationship. And it could go in any direction now.

Gutekunst and Packers head coach Matt LaFleur have maintained their trust in Love since his selection, but he hasn’t hit a single snap in his rookie season and won’t be his until this summer’s preseason games get the first live ball opportunity. Even if love gave them reason to trust behind the scenes, it would be quite a gamble for them to put all of their chips on him alone.

The Packers are bringing the free agent during their rookie minicamp this weekend -Quarterbacks Chad Kelly and Kurt Benkert to try out with, but both are likely to be rated as options at QB3 behind Rodgers and Love for Training Camp. More talent and experience would be a must if the Packers lost 13 years of starting a Rodgers deal, which is why odds makers believe another passerby would be involved in any deal for Rodgers this off-season.

The odds, Carr Preferring over Love for the week 1 starting job makes sense for bettors who believe Rodgers will be traded. If we hypothetically think about what the Raiders – who were one of three teams on Rodgers’ reported « wish list » of preferred trading destinations – would have to offer to land the reigning NFL MVP, it’s hard to imagine the package not doing Carr either Send to Green Bay.

Carr is also an established 30 year veteran with numerous complete seasons as a starter in his record. The only obvious benefit Love would have is knowing the Packers’ playbook after spending 2020 as a « Redshirt » learner of the system.

However, Love has a much better chance of beating Lock if Rodgers were sold to the Broncos instead. Perhaps the Packers would be more interested in signing Bridgewater for $ 3 million for a year, but Lock is even more affordable for a longer period, making it both a financial and competitive favorite in a hypothetical Denver deal. Similar to how Love has yet to live up to his first-round selection when he gets his first chance at the Packers, Lock heads into 2021 to prove himself better than his second NFL season last year, the he threw almost as many interceptions (15)) and he made touchdowns (16) over 13 starts for the Broncos. It was a far cry from the promise he made in late 2019 when he helped the Broncos 4-1 while completing 100 of his 156 passes for 1,020 yards with seven touchdowns and only three interceptions.

To imply, That Lock would win a training camp battle against love is a little brave for the odds makers. On the other hand, there is a reason why it is called gambling.


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