CM – Jungle Cruise Review: Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson’s Amazon River movie isn’t mind-blowing


This is the title ship in the new film « Jungle Cruise », in which the studio took another of its theme park trips and produced a boring, quasi-enjoyable, extremely derivative film based on it.

To be honest, it is a shaky base at first. The “Jungle Cruise” attraction at Disney World has no significant curve; You get on board a boat and stare at old mechanical animals while a skipper jokes.

Running time: 127 minutes. Rated PG-13 (Sequences of Adventure Violence). In the cinema and at Disney for an additional charge.

To loosen up the thin material, the film steals from countless other, better adventure films to create an overall less satisfying combo record, which costs 30 US dollars at Disney. </ Take the main character Lily (Emily Blunt). She is indistinguishable from Evie in "The Mummy", played by Rachel Weisz in the eighties. Like Evie, Lily is an obsessed early 20th century British explorer eager to find an ancient mythological land. Men are appalled that she wears pants, and that fact is brought up constantly throughout the film.

At the beginning of « Jungle Cruise, » Lily sneaks into a snobby London history society to steal an arrowhead that one important key to finding the tears of the moon is a lost Brazilian tree whose petals can cure any disease. The scene in which she balances on a ladder while damaging valuable artifacts is a dead alarm for Weisz’s mischief at the British Museum in « The Mummy ».

Lily also has a weak brother, MacGregor (Jack Whitehall) who is just like Evie’s sibling Jonathan from « The Mummy », only that he’s now a self-righteous prop to make Disney look progressive.

The stereotypical MacGregor comes out in the middle of the movie for no other reason than being gay that the studio is gaining some street credibility at the Huffington Post. Despite hitting a few bad guys – everyone is shocked about it – the prim dresser mostly just whines about how he misses his face creams and the fabulous hotel. Disney: Humanitarian of the Year!

And the rip-offs keep rolling. The couple travel to Brazil and hire a cocky skipper named Frank (Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson, who channels Brendan Fraser in « The Mummy » and Harrison Ford in « Star Wars ») at a ramshackle, dangerous harbor bar (like the Mos Eisley Cantina ) Taking her through the jungle in his rickety old boat, he says, is the best in the business. It’s faster than it looks. Yada yada.

Our heroes also have to contend with a daring curse. The first conquistadors to discover the tree hundreds of years ago were captured by magic to live near the Amazon for all eternity, which – yo ho! yo ho! – sounds a lot like the crew of the Black Pearl in Disney’s most successful amusement ride franchise « The Pirates of the Caribbean ».

But isn’t repetition in storytelling inevitable? There are many thousands of films out there. And aren’t we told that good artists lend money but the best artists steal? Yes, but then they give everything they have stolen their own touch.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra had to find out what was unique and special about his film. This it factor is almost like Blunt and Johnson, who are extremely personable and have great chemistry. The problem is, they give off BFF vibes when romance arises. It’s a good time, but you don’t believe for a second that the Rock and Mary Poppins are going to make out. Je.

Jesse Plemons, the cinema’s favorite creep, is funny as a clumsy German villain named Price Joachim, and there’s a decent twist in the middle of the film. But by and large, « Jungle Cruise » is just as exciting and inspired as the creaking robot elephants in Disney World.

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