CM – Justin Bieber Releases Emotional Music Video For « Ghost »


In the new music video, Bieber plays the role of a grandson in love who reconnects with his grandmother after the death of his grandfather, played by Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton. In the fictional plot, Bieber brings laughter and joy to his grandmother as she copes with the grieving process.

Diane Keaton recently spoke to Vogue about how he got the role, and revealed that the Canadian artist “picked the style icon, to play as his grandmother ”. Commenting on her first acting role for a music video share, Keaton said, “That was just fun. All my life I’ve been an actress and I’ve had lines, and sometimes I could loosen them up a little – but that was just totally loose and relaxed. Nobody [has ever told me to do something] that was so fun.  »

Keaton also revealed that the outfits in the music video reflected her eccentric style, as many of the pieces came straight out of her closet. In one of the scenes, Keaton wears a sleek, checked Gucci coat, while Bieber wears a casual Aimé Leon Dore bomber jacket.

In case you missed it, Don Toliver has released a brand new album, LIFE OF A DON.

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