CM – Kamala Harris swears that Biden is « not giving up » the major editions of the Build Back Better Act.



Vice President Kamala Harris said it was « too high » to abandon the passage of President Biden’s $ 1.75 trillion bill on welfare and climate after the Senate derailment.

Ms Harris, who holds the deciding vote in the 50:50 Senate split, said the White House was working to find a compromise for Senator Joe Manchin III, the West Virginia Democrat, who opposed the price of the president’s wish list. .

« I’m not giving up, the President is not giving up, and in all honesty, the stakes are too high, » Ms. Harris said on CBS’s Face The Nation.

Ms. Harris said there is « Room for discussion » on how the legislation should proceed from here, and she said the discussion was bigger than that of Mr Manchin, whose opposition to the law has enraged Democratic Party leaders and liberal activists.

The Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer from New York , promised in a letter to his colleagues last week that they would vote on a revised version of the plan next year « so that every member of this body has the opportunity to announce their position in the Senate. not just on TV. « 

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« We will vote on a revised version of the Build Back Better Act passed by the House – and we will continue to vote on it until we have done something, » he said.

Mr Schumer is betting that the move will take place Will force Mr Manchin to speak out against several of the package’s most popular provisions, including universal pre-kindergarten and enhanced Medicare benefits for the elderly.

« Ultimately, I believe Senator Manchin understands the importance of that Bills to presidents to resolve many of the problems inherent in Build Back Better, « Senator Ben Cardin, Maryland Democrat, told Fox News. Sunday. «  » There is a consensus in our group that we want to submit a bill to the President, « said Cardin.

 » I think we can hit that sweet spot, « he said. » Many of us will be disappointed , but we will not let perfection be the enemy to get something done. « 

 » There is so much at stake and we cannot afford it at this moment when we have the opportunity to do something like this Doing essentials on public order in America to literally help families, I refuse to get caught up in what might. ”Personal policy when the people who wake up at three in the morning and each other Worrying about how to get by, worry less about DC’s politics, « she said. » They just want us to fix things. « 

The Republicans signaled on Sunday that they had no intention of support democratic legislation, and several lawmakers have raised GOP concerns about the potential impact of the size of the new spending on the economy and inflation. Senator Roy Blunt, Republican from Missouri, said the package was based on « gimmicks » of the budget and said it was is « just a bad idea » to put more money into the economy « at a time when the economy is already overheating ».

« I think the biggest challenge facing families right now is this Inflation, ”said Blunt on Fox News Sunday. « The inflation numbers [are] higher than they have been in four decades.

 » Inflation of 6.8% could get a little higher, « he said. « We can’t solve every problem just by dropping money on more money. »

Ms. Harris said leading economists concluded that the package would stimulate the economy and strengthen Americans.

Senator Kevin Cramer, Republican from North Dakota, said Senate Democrats running for re-election in competitive states should thank Mr. Manchin.

« Joe Manchin might have re-elected two, three, or four … Saved Democratic Senators who have to vote yes to Build Back Better, but would rather not have voted, « said Cramer in » Fox News « . Futures on Sunday morning. «  » You have been rewarded with this opportunity to give a pass for a year and yet you seem determined to do it. « 

Mr. Cramer said that Mr. Schumer was voting on the Advancing the bill because he wants to protect himself from a possible main challenge by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York.

« In my opinion, the great tragedy is this: a once great Democratic Party has become this bizarre socialist agenda, where they’re apparently putting all the chips on the table this year while they’re in control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, « and the White House, » Cramer said. « And thank goodness for Joe Manchin and others like him, but especially Joe Manchin, who is trying to save America and may very well save the Democratic Party. »

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