CM – Katy Perry, Lorde, Amanda Gorman among the winners at Variety’s Power of Women Dinner


« You said ‘business and cocktail’ – I said ‘I don’t play by the rules' », Katy Perry exclaimed on stage at Variety’s Power of Women dinner on Thursday evening. She was referring to the dress code while wearing a voluminous, corsetted purple Schiaparelli dress.

« Fear says this room is intimidating, but my power says this room is inspiring, » she continued.

In the open air right in front of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Perry was born along with his music artist Lorde, poet Amanda Gorman, actress Rita Moreno and entertainment manager Channing Dungey (the first woman to chair Warner Bros. television studios and first black executive to run a network entertainment division as president of ABC) for her activism and philanthropic work.

Perry thanked her sister, Angela Hudson, who helps run the Firework Foundation, Perrys Organization that uses the arts to support children in underserved communities, as well as one of its longtime managers, Ngoc Hoang-DelVecchio from Di rect management, and her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom (greetings to her one year old daughter Daisy Dove).

“Orlando, a man who is a friend and ally of women around the world, thank you for the You handled the madness of my life with such loving grace, ”Perry said. “And the biggest thank you of everyone for being an amazing father, an example of our greatest gift of all time, our daughter Daisy Dove. And my Daisy, a future powerful woman. I promise you to do my best to be a role model, never to set limits to your dreams, to lead with love, never out of fear and always to be your beacon in every darkness. « 

Perry was the last to take that Microphone in hand and left the audience with a performance of “What Makes a Woman”.

“Orlando, can you open my corset?” She asked first before he had to cheer and laugh. “It’s a bit tight. I can not sing. … all the way down. OK, now I can breathe. ”

The mood was more festive earlier in the night, each award winner used the limelight to discuss the topic of the evening: power, its meaning and responsibility.

“ Power like mine should be interrogated, ”said Lorde, who was awarded New Zealand’s 350 Aotearoa for her environmental work. “In the last few years we have all seen that no system of power is too big to fail, that no responsible person can be established to uproot. … When we talk about power, about the amplification of a single voice, we must also “acknowledge those who do not have such amplification. Tonight I think of the women whose place of birth, skin color or socio-economic status would make it increasingly unlikely that they would be handed a megaphone, or of the women who climate change affects long before it affects me. « 

 » Power is a tool that can be used in many ways and with many results, ”said Rita Moreno. The West Side Story actress – who will next appear in Steven Spielberg’s remake in December, as she turns 90 this year – has been hailed for her work with RotaCare Bay Area, which provides free medical care to those in need. “It can be so damn seductive, especially for women who have been deprived of it for so long. But how we use it will ultimately be what defines us. ”

Moreno was presented by Gloria Calderon Kellett, while Gayle presented King Perry. Other moderators were Ava DuVernay (for Dungey, who works with the Children’s Institute), Hunter Schäfer (for Lorde), and Angelina Jolie, who greeted Gorman.

« The young woman of grace who feared the inauguration day Stepped on the podium, ”said Jolie of the 23-year-old who works with the mentoring organization WriteGirl in Los Angeles to empower girls. “Not just the youngest, but the strongest voice that we could wish for at this moment.”

Jolie, who brought her 16-year-old daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt with her as a date, continued: “There is nothing more beautiful , More challenging and perhaps more unsettling than the free spirit of a thinking woman. And that is surely the reason why so much effort is put into limiting it. And therefore those who have the power of free speech, the weapon of free speech, must band together to defend those who do not. We need voices like Amanda’s, those lights in the dark. Amanda, you can burn hard and light the way for others. ”

Gorman, who received a standing ovation, replied dizzy that she was » a huge fan « before reading a poem to a captivated audience.

Also Paxton Smith was in attendance and took the stage to share her own powerful words. The teen, who went viral for her high school graduate speech about Texas’s new restrictive abortion law, told the crowd, “The time of silence on this matter has come and gone. There is no time for complacency. There is no more time to wait and see what happens next. Because exactly what we are afraid of is happening right now. Every citizen of Texas who has the reproductive capacity to conceive has been deprived of a fundamental freedom, the fundamental human right to choose what to do with our lives. And the unbearable truth is that this could soon become a reality for far more than just Texans. « 

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