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Kendall Jenner is back in hot water because of an advertisement. The 25-year-old model and reality TV star has been charged with cultural appropriation over the recently published advertising campaign for her Tequila brand. Kendall Jenner launched Tequila 818 in her home state of California this week, Insider reports. The brand is believed to be named after the area code for Calabasas – the Los Angeles suburb where she grew up. However, a video promoting the drink and several photos she shared on Instagram – taken at an agave farm in Jalisco, Mexico, where the tequila is made – are on social media, where many Kendall’s cultural appropriation accused of being confronted with flak.

« What an incredible experience I have had so far, when I learned something about this beautiful place, its beautiful culture and the beautiful people! » Kendall Jenner wrote while sharing the pictures on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner’s promotional video for Tequila 818 shows her on a horse in agave fields. There are also agave farmers who work alongside the model. But the graphics, along with Kendall’s choice of outfit and hairstyle, made many unhappy.

« Something about Kendall Jenner making tequila rubs me wrong, » wrote a Twitter user. « Like the idea that white celebrities are from local Mexican artisans and benefit from our traditions and agricultural business, but only visit Cabos and Puerto Vallarta for vacation spots … »

And not to mention the brown hands that actually planting, growing, fermenting and distilling the agave plants in Jalisco

Another described tequila as « a traditional Mexican drink made from agave » in a thread that goes viral on the microblogging platform. « No Miss Kendall, we don’t ride horses all the time, no, we don’t wear our hair in pigtails all the time, no workers are not allowed to drink the tequila (you don’t drink it even like that), » the Twitter user wrote .

Workers don’t work in these types of clothing and after all, your advertisement is so whitewashed / California vibe. Jalisco is not California, so don’t try to do it that way.

Several Twitter users also noted that farmers who work in the agave fields are often exploited and underpaid.

During the year Foreigners have sourced their products in Tequila, MX, but end up paying crappy workers’ wages and continuing the cycle of worker exploitation without respecting the history and culture that surround tequila which is driving people crazy

Unfortunately, in my country workers are not paid that much, which means that the cost of production is much cheaper. So don’t be surprised if Kendall Jenner doesn’t pay workers a good salary.

@KendallJenner muted comments on her Jalisco pictures because she wanted to silence the voices of those who tell her they were cultural Appropriation. 818 it is not all. I’ll be sipping my Don Julio.

Kendall Jenner roamed agave fields on horseback to announce the launch of her 818 Tequila brand in California with atmospheric images shared on Instagram Monday, though tequila’s deeply rooted Mexican history has no affiliation to the affluent community she grew up with s6Yk0ZXe45

Oh no, not Kendall Jenner who goes for the Mexican look like it wasn’t enough of her family members taking the Acquire black culture. #

On the other hand, many Twitter users also came to Kendall Jenner’s defense. Twitter users cited examples of other celebrities who own tequila brands.

Not a huge fan of Kendall, but Nick Jonas, Dwayne Johnson, Rita Ora, and Adam Levine also got & to keep making tequila. & doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. P Diddy and Jay Z are not Russians & turns vodka into millions. They just want to go for &

The Rock, Nick Jonas, P. Diddy, Toby Keith, AC / DC and Justin Timberlake all own their own tequila brands and have the same energy for them as they do for Kendall Jenner. I’m not saying support them, but you can’t support one and beat the other up for the same thing.

In an article, Forbes also noted that several non-Mexicans are involved in the tequila distillation business. The list includes celebrities such as Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson, Nick Jonas, and Adam Levine. In addition, multinational companies such as LVMH are also involved in tequila brands.

This is not the first time that Kendall Jenner has been slammed for an advertisement. In 2017, a Pepsi commercial with Kendall was pulled almost immediately after criticism for taking advantage of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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