CM – LAFC and The 3252 see Saturday as a cause for hope


Los Angeles Football Club has had to restart after a bad start to the 2021 season and is assuming it will turn the corner and climb the table as Major League Soccer action resumes after a three-week international break is recorded.

With the Banc of California Stadium at full capacity on Saturday night for the first time since March 8, 2020, LAFC’s boisterous support group, The 3252, will stand up again and jump shoulder to shoulder as they watch Carlos Vela and his Black & Gold teammate pushes against the visiting Houston Dynamo.

Mainly made up of residents of the Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside boroughs, the 3252 has quickly earned a reputation for passionate, energetic, and creative performances when compared to other support groups across the MLS.

With The 3252 returning en masse, group president Jimmy Lopez expects the North End of Banc of California Stadium to have a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated fans.

Members who lost their lives to COVID-19, including one of the group’s founders, Mauricio « Mo » Fascio, will continue to be there in spirit.

« Many members have lost parents, » said Lopez. “We have lost part of our general membership. The impact hit us really hard. We’ll be working with the stadium on a tribute that will stay there in the near future.  »

The 3252 and the club have attended several events to help vaccinate community members. Kaiser Permanente will host a vaccination clinic in front of the L.A. Memorial Coliseum starting at 4 p.m. until 7.30 p.m. Saturday.

Lopez estimated that the vaccination rate among the 3,252 members is equal to or better than that of the general population. Among the residents of L.A. County, 66% of the population aged 16 and over have had at least one injection.

For The 3252, this means celebrating the LAFC’s goals and wins at the Banc of California Stadium – a rare event in 2021.

The LAFC captain found the right quadriceps injury he sustained at the season opener felt great, and he and his teammates are more excited than the fans to be in a packed Banc of California on Saturday To be stadium.

However, should they continue to struggle after the first quarter of the season, LAFC head coach Bob Bradley and his talented group, which has had the highest regular-season MLS record since their expansion year of 2018, could start a less than supportive one Choir to be heard from the fans who have played a key role in shaping the culture of the young club.

« We want them to feel that pressure, » said Lopez. “We want them to feel that they are not only failing the team but also the community because LAFC is a community team. We all go out on the weekends. We work for these games and we want to leave a high mark. We want to forget the world and enjoy what we have in front of us. When we leave with a gloomy feeling, it’s like, « Okay, open up, team. »

“We hope that at the end of the season we will be ahead. We have time to turn it around.  »

Ten points behind first place in the Western Conference and two points ahead of the last, LAFC (2-3-2) went ninth overall after a late home loss to New York City FC.

Despite finding that the club created « some moments of really good football », Bradley has repeatedly described the team as not keen enough on advantage in the attacking third and, despite an overall strong defensive stance, they have been prone to costly mistakes. including a game losing goal in a corner kick in the 90th minute against New York.

« Everyone knows that, » said the coach on Thursday at the club’s first personal media availability since the pandemic began. “There isn’t a single way to solve these things, but trust comes from having a good run and we hope we can do that in the next period.

“There is always pressure to win after going through a little difficult period. The strength as a group, the ability to continue our way of working, to trust one another, to believe in one another, that is the only way.  »

Starting Saturday, the LAFC will play three times in eight days as it participates in a busy series of 11 competitions that will take the club to the middle of its 34-game season on August 8th.
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The Dynamo (3-2-3) drew 1-1 with the LAFC in Houston on May 1st and is currently fifth in the Western Conference.

« It’s up to us to enforce our style of play instead of focusing on what they’re doing, » said Vela. « We play at home, we have to take advantage of that. »

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