CM – Lance Bass learns that he is a distant relative of Britney Spears


Lance Bass discovered he was a distant relative of Britney Spears while attending Ancestry’s latest episode of “2 Read & a Leaf” with husband Michael Turchin.

“Look, I wanted to go with that Queen [of England] but now I’m related to the Queen of Pop, ”said the former * NSYNC singer, 42, after learning that Spears, 39, is his sixth cousin, who was once removed.

« That’s so crazy because I feel like she’s my little sister, » he added. “And she was my little cousin all along.”

The reveal came after Bass and Turchin, 34, had to guess whether the co-host of “Bachelor in Paradise” blooded Spears, Faith Hill or the deceased Legend Elvis Presley shared.

« This is too good to be true, » marveled Bass, later admitting that he previously thought he and the « Lucky » singer might be related.

 » For some reason, I always felt like we looked like family as kids, « he said of his longtime buddy, whom he met during their rise to teen pop superstar in the late 1990s.

 » That means so much to me, ”he continued. « … She is like family to me. So the fact that we’re blood relatives is amazing. « 

Bass also noted that his relationship with Spears » made sense « since he, a Mississippian, and she, a Louisiana native, both grew up in the deep south . « We were born an hour apart, » he enthused. « That’s so cool! »

Bass – who quietly told Spears that he was gay in the early Aughts before it came out publicly in 2006 – once had a close relationship with the Grammy winner. The last time they spent time together was in 2016 during Spears’ promotional cycle for their ninth studio album, « Glory. » However, that July, Bass claimed that during their 13 years at the conservatory, especially the last five years, he was intentionally dying of Spears became estranged.

« I definitely believe in the #FreeBritney movement. I believe she has to get away from her father, she has to choose her own people to run this conservatory – if she needs one at all – choose her own lawyer, « said Bass on the podcast » Heather Dubrow’s World.  » p> “I haven’t spoken to her in years. We’ve stayed away from each other for quite a while. But I don’t know exactly what she needs. But I know she is sensible enough – for me and what I see – to choose her own people. ”

After Spears went to court this summer and then obtained her own legal counsel, the Supreme Court judge ruled of Los Angeles, Brenda Penny, on Sept. 29 that it was in the entertainer’s « best interests » to have her estranged father, Jamie Spears, suspended from the restrictive jurisdiction he created in 2008.

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