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I have been a regular visitor to Goa for the past few years and a frequent visitor to restaurants and pubs in North and South Goa. In my opinion, in addition to the environmental change that has been observed for the worst, there also seems to be a turn for the worst in terms of the quality and quantity of the food served in the various restaurants open after the pandemic. The entertainers performing in most of the venues were pathetic as the majority of the live acts were entirely absent and new acts were supposedly absorbed to keep costs down. If this is the quality of tourism that Goa has to offer after the pandemic, unfortunately I have to advise all tourists to postpone their visit to Goa, because the food, entertainment and culture on display are anything but Goan.

Disgusting for a person who is a regular visitor and can feel the change. However, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the attitude of taxi drivers who are always ready to make quick money on their absurd tariffs. Goa, your hospitality, the environment, the entertainment and transportation seem to be getting worse every year. To get high quality tourists, you have to offer quality or you will attract garbage.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took all arms against Pakistan and China. With a veiled attack on Pakistan, Modi accused Pakistan of using the UN platform for spreading propaganda and terrorism as a political instrument. Modi warned Beijing of the expansionism in the Indian Ocean and the manipulation of World Bank data to improve its rankings.

The dragon’s handling of Covid-19 also came for flak. The Prime Minister also used the stage to highlight India’s strengths as a democracy, including his trip as a politician.

With its new tourism policy, the state government is trying to shift the focus from the ubiquitous beaches, bars and casinos to ecology, culture and heritage . According to the new guidelines, 50 lakh Rs per year would be allocated to designated villages, which are conducive to development as “tourist villages”, provided certain minimum criteria are met.

The focus is on promoting rural life, art and culture, ecological sustainable and environmentally friendly way. To this end, Goa can certainly read a leaf from Rajasthan’s book or see how tourism is done in the northeast. Developing high quality facilities in fancy destinations to attract high spending should be emphasized for long term travelers. River cruises, jungle hikes, night safaris, guided village tours with local dances, zatras, music and handicrafts would certainly be a great success with responsible travelers; This would also help improve Goa’s image. At the same time, Goa needs to curb rising crime and misguided taxi drivers to make the state a safe, viable and hassle-free experience for tourists.

We live in a very fun world, in March 2020 the so-called lawmakers, including theirs, refused Leader Dr. Pramod Sawant, authorizing the return of seafarers, saying they would bring the virus with them to Goa, but later after the seafarers finally managed to make it back, many political heavyweights fought tooth and nail, and some who tried to get into politics, tried to gain the honor. I don’t have much to say about what later happened when all hell was let loose and thousands died due to the negligence of the same lawmakers trying to keep the seafarers out.

Now let me get to the funniest part where the government is in Has never bothered to help seafarers in the last year and a half and is pressured by GSAI to bring the matter up with other countries, claiming that seafarers have a cut in salaries and are planning more hours than usual. I would like to elaborate on the subject by asking GSAI President Frank Viegas to assure the seafarers that they will get a job with a salary equal to what the shipping companies pay, even if there are no guests, and if you do the shipping companies cannot defame those who have taken good care of their employees when the government could and still does, by doing everything in their power to bring food to the families of seafarers by helping them through these troubled times Provided a job.

If the government interferes by asking for extra pay, we expect the government to look after us by providing us with a job with the same pay. My final message to the GSAI President to refer once again to the justification of your distribution of fruit trees.

Goenche Fuddari, a Konkani tiatr, conceived, written and staged by Irineu Gonsalves, his seventh presentation, calls out to the youth from Goa to join politics to save Goa. The Tiatr comes at the right time, as the parliamentary elections are not far away and the state is undergoing hectic political developments. The story revolves around a group of student leaders who take on the task of punishing a corrupt college professor who takes advantage of a woman employed on the premises.

The group of student leaders only grows when students join other students Universities join them. The group experiences a moral victory when the corrupt professor is suspended despite his political influence. This event only forces the group to deal with the broader problems of Goa. This development leads to the creation of the group called Goenche Fuddari. The student leaders vow to take on politicians on important issues such as duplicity, environmental protection, air pollution, the controversial Bhumiputra law and several other problems plaguing the state. The Tiatr addresses all the government’s shortcomings.

The appeal is aimed in particular at the youth and first-time voters, who make up around 65 percent of the country’s electorate. All in all, a very fun tiatr and a must see.

With Covid-19 cases continuing to be an active threat, there has been a reckless surge in flu and viral fever cases. Many doctors have also emphasized that they are currently watching many cases of dengue, viral diseases, influenza, and swine flu. The diseases can cause fever, muscle aches, coughs, colds, congestion, headaches and fatigue.

Covid and flu are contagious diseases that spread through droplets of an infected person and can contain the risks with good measures.

If you are required to wear a mask, you should stay at home in the event of illness, keep sufficient distance and avoid contact in order to limit the risk of transmission. Viral diseases wreak havoc during this time of year when the weather changes. Seasonal flu has swept parts of northern India, creating confusion over a possible third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this has created a panic situation this year as the symptoms of seasonal flu are very similar to those of Covid-19. Proper solid waste disposal and improved water storage, including covering bins to prevent access by egg-laying female mosquitoes, are methods promoted by community-based programs.

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