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Lifetime knows that there isn’t too much holiday mood. Here’s the proof: In the days leading up to Santa’s arrival, Lifetime is airing 35 brand new Christmas movies, also known as their « Biggest Christmas Movie Slate of All Time ».

In previous years, Lifetime started their « It’s a Wonderful Lifetime » program in October (similar to Hallmark Channel’s « Countdown to Christmas »), but this year they reserve the festive fun for November and December. Lifetime’s Christmas films open on November 12 with An Ice Wine Christmas starring Roselyn Sanchez and Lyriq Bent. From then on, they’ll be showing a new movie on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p.m., but as soon as Thanksgiving comes, they’ll be premiering a new movie every night from November 26th to December 25th, for the first time ever, Lifetime will air 30 new movies in 30 days off.

True to tradition, all of this year’s films are packed with hearts, heartthrob, and vacation activities galore. Prepare to see so many of your Lifetime favorites (Mario Lopez, Melissa Joan Hart, and Tia Mowry, to name a few) with a handful of new faces (new to Lifetime, at least), including country music superstar Reba McEntire.

So sit back, relax, and scroll through this list to see what to expect. (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be awesome.)

Lead sommelier Camila (Roselyn Sanchez) returns home to help her family business prepare for the annual Eiswein Christmas party.

A mishap forces Gaby (Tatyana Ali) and Sean (Henderson Wade) to share the same rent at the annual Christmas Photography Retreat. Eventually they learn that this mix-up was possibly the greatest hidden blessing.

A video of Michael (Colin Lawrence) and his daughter dancing goes viral, making him one of the internet’s most sought-after bachelors. That’s great and all, but Michael has only one person in mind: his daughter’s ballet teacher, Olivia (AnnaLynne McCord).

You Make It Feel Like Christmas with Mary Antonini, Michael Xavier, Stephanie Sy and Alex Poch-Goldin

To the horror of her father, Emma (Mary Antonini) waives her family’s holidays in order to go to work focus, but her ex-boyfriend’s return from active military service may change her mind.

Baking Spirits Bright with Rekha Sharma, Dion Johnstone, Aadila Dosani, Praneet Akilla, Manoj Sood and Nimet Kanji

Fruit cake may not be as popular as it used to be, but Mira (Rekha Sharma) gives hope on the future of her family’s fruitcake business. In fact, she promises her parents that no matter who (a high-profile marketing manager, for example) tries to get in her way, she will do whatever she can to keep her dream alive.

A former couple and a country duo agree to perform at their daughter’s Christmas concert and it doesn’t take long before they get back into the rhythm.

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby with Kelly Rowland, Thomas Cadrot, Bresha Webb, Latonya Williams, Jamie M. Callica and Nathan Witte

The Liddles are back! This time around, they’re spending the vacation preparing for the arrival of their first baby.

Amber (Tia Mowry) puts herself in a compromising position after promising everyone that she can book Smokey Robinson for the church’s annual Christmas competition. Her friends convince Amber’s ex-boyfriend to help her track down Smokey – and well, things are going even better than planned.

Event planner Amy (Michelle Argyris) is hired by an aspiring singer (Asia’h Epperson) to have a big family party over the holidays.

A magical Christmas wish forces June (Erika Prevost) to say « yes » to everything, including meeting an old love, Blake (Romaine Waite). They pick up right where they left off, which makes June wonder if she should give up her career in the city for a romance in her hometown.

Emily (Natalie Lisinska) is the expert if it’s about interior design, but the ambassador (Damon Runyan) she works for has different ideas about how to decorate the Christmas charity ball.

When she learns that Maple Creek is struggling to stay afloat, popular novelist Diana (Jeni Ross) sponsors the village gala and seeks support from her fans. But it’s not just about business: she falls in love with the village’s blacksmith and local historian (Jake Epstein), which becomes incredibly complicated when her long-time crush (Oliver Renaud) shows up.

As children, Lucy (Monique Coleman) and Barrett (Corbin Blue) danced together at the Winterleigh Resort’s annual Christmas dance. With the resort celebrating its final holiday season before it closes permanently, Lucy ponders whether to recap her past and give Barrett a call.

Just a few weeks before Christmas, Olivia (Demetria McKinney) takes over the leading pastor position of a new church. As soon as she can overcome her nerves, she will find out that she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Along the way, aspiring singer-songwriter Abby (Mya) puts her big dreams aside to make a living, but a new chance at her local high school opens her eyes to new opportunities.

Miranda (Alicia Dea Josipovic) and Paul (Travis Nelson) are rivals, but a blow of fate during a costumed Christmas creep could inspire them to see the other person in a whole new light.

The entertainment writer Alli (Holly Deaveaux) travels to a small town to learn more about the classic Christmas movie that was shot there. It turns out to be a bigger story than she thought – and luckily, she can count on the town’s local theater owner (Drew Seeley) for help.

While visiting her hometown, Cassie (Lisa Durupt) meets a handsome stranger, Nicolas (Marcus Rosner). When the two start working together at their family’s Christmas party, she learns that he’s – wait a minute – a prince in disguise.

Always single Sawyer (Amanda Payton) makes a fake wedding list in the hopes that a priceless shopping spree can cure her vacation blues. Some people discover the registry and believe it is real, so Sawyer finds a fake fiancé willing to follow the lie. Along the way, however, their fictional love becomes real business.

Milagro is the heart of Casa de Milargo, a family business that specializes in holiday decorations. When she dies unexpectedly, her son (Mario Lopez) and daughter (Aimee Garcia) have to pick up the broken pieces, wondering if they should continue their mother’s legacy or sell their business entirely.

Sam (Jana Kramer) and Coop (Ryan McPartlin) have a complicated story that is visible to all when asked to work together to restore the Bell Harbor Inn.

Emma (Haylie Duff) and Liam’s (Aaron O’Connell) families get together for a surprise proposal, but everyone else makes this special moment. The drama upsets the couple and ultimately puts a strain on their relationship.

Emilia (Humberly Gonzalez) is tasked with designing a novel treasure map of the North Pole and asks Drew (Ronnie Rowe), a North Pole explorer, for help.

Ellie’s (Annie Clark) ghosting tendencies are finally beginning to catch up with her. A fortune teller challenges her to make amends with the men she turned red to find true love. The catch: she has to locate all men before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Gwen (Erica Durance) can’t figure out why her grandmother’s enchanted Christmas cake doesn’t taste as magical as she remembered. Then she meets a chef who happens to be in town filming a Christmas special and finds out exactly what’s wrong with the cake – and her life.

Chance (Winny Clarke) is hired by William (Jacob Blair), a wealthy entrepreneur, to help make the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Leyla (Celse Desjardins). When Chance meets Leyla, he realizes that she is not yet ready for a marriage – and now it is up to him to bring the news to William.

There is nothing like Christmas at Paradise Ranch. In search of an off-the-grid adventure his kids will enjoy, Mark (Duane Henry) eventually books a week at the ranch and is getting a lot more than he expected.

Danielle (Cindy Busby) is excited to show her young son all the things that make her hometown special around the holidays – especially the North Pole Express. When she gets home, she finds that the magic of the train has worn off … unless Kevin (Chad Michael Murray), a model railroad enthusiast, can restore it.

In search of the perfect tree for the governor’s holiday celebration, Charlie (Tattiawna Jones) ends up in Alma’s (Elise Bauman) garden. Things start out pretty icy, but as Christmas approaches, the two women fall in love.

After a heartbreaking loss to the city council, Julia (Jacky Lai) returns home for much-needed R&R. Shortly after arriving, she meets her old high school rival (Jack Epstein) and immediately returns to her old ways.

Clare (Deidre Mullins) is spending the holidays with her aunt Bridget in England. There she delves into the history of her family and learns that they used to hold Christmas regeneration balls in the manor house. To preserve the family estate, they decide to throw a ball.

Mayor Alex Foster (Brooke Nevin) aims to host the town’s Christmas market at the historic Darcy (Corey Sevier) family mill. Problem: Darcy isn’t a fan of, well, anyone, but maybe Alex is the one to change that once and for all.

When Abbey (Meggan Kaiser) receives news that she has inherited her grandmother’s Victorian house, she returns home to oversee the repairs before selling it. That is, until she begins to fall in love with the mechanic and his adorable eight-year-old son.

Colette’s (Aubrey Reynolds) knows hot chocolate better than anyone – except for Marcus, apparently the new owner of the dessert shop. When he starts serving her a drink that is almost identical to hers, she sets out to bring him down.

Mikaela (Krystal Joy Brown), a successful romance novelist, doesn’t practice what she preaches – until a fellow writer shows her at Christmas that the love stories she writes can be more than just fictional works.

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