CM – Local residents have been urged to remain vigilant while firefighters work to contain the fire near Perth Airport


A bushfire in the Perth hills has been controlled and an evacuation order has been downgraded to watch and act.

The fire burns within containment lines in High Wycombe, 11 miles northeast of town, at the base of the hills and near Perth Airport.

« There is a potential threat to life and homes as a fire approaches the area and conditions change, » the updated Wednesday afternoon warning read.

An earlier emergency warning had instructed residents on the path of a bushfire to go with threatened homes.

The fire broke out near the intersection of Sultana Road West and Smokebush Place east of the airport.

Perth has been for a week Withstood scorching temperatures, with the airport area hitting 39.5 ° C at around 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

The fire comes two days after another fire destroyed a house in the Chidlow area, about 25 miles to the east.

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