CM – Man cremated alive in sick swap plot


A Chinese man with Down syndrome was abducted, drugged, stuffed in a coffin, and cremated alive instead of a wealthy stranger who wanted to bypass a government ban on funerals.

The wealthy deceased – known only by his last name Huang – died of cancer in February 2017 and informed his family prior to his death that he would like to be buried, according to the South China Morning Post.

The family hired someone to find a replacement job that could be cremated in place of their relatives.

The victim, a man named Lin Shaoren, who was 36 years old at the time and had Down syndrome, was collecting trash on the street near his home in Lufeng on March 1, 2017 when Huang kidnapped him and made him want a drinking large amount of alcohol.

The clerk put Mr. Lin in a coffin, unconscious, and sealed it with four steel nails.

The coffin was then exchanged for that of the rich man when it was about to be sent for cremation.

Mr. Lin was cremated while Huang’s body was being taken to a remote area for a traditional family funeral.

Relatives paid 107,000 yuan ($ 21,000) for the evil program, of which 90,000 yuan ($ 17,800) went to Huang, while the rest went to a middleman identified by the surname Wen.

Mr. Lin was reported missing for two years before his family found that he had been murdered in November 2019 after police used surveillance footage to solve the crime, Sohu News reported.

Huang was given a suspended sentence by a court, and the case only gained prominence this week when Chinese media reports surfaced.

However, some families go to great lengths to avoid cremation. Many believe that only through burial can the dead live in peace.


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