CM – Maritime Union wins landmark agreement with Hutchison Ports


After three years of tough negotiations, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has won a groundbreaking workplace agreement with the world’s largest stevedoring company, Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA).

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MUA Sydney secretary Paul Keating told the Green Left that despite the « extremely difficult » industrial situation on the waterfront, HPA workers « stuck together, fought hard and achieved historic successes ».

The Workers will receive five 2.5% wage increases during the four-year agreement after the Fair Work Commission (FWC) confirms this.

The agreement with the HPA provides 20 days of paid vacation due to domestic violence, permanent rosters and a clause which enables workforce to find alternatives to layoffs during an economic downturn. MUA Deputy National Secretary Warren Smith said the agreement would improve job security at terminals with new protections against downsizing due to automation, technology and empower contractors.

It is also a step to combat unsafe work, limit casual workers, and increase the sc The main focus was on recruiting permanent employees.

“Nothing in this agreement was given to us. It took three years of unwavering determination and combined action from the members at the Sydney and Brisbane terminals to win that victory, « Smith said on June 28.

 » The introduction of 20 days of paid vacation for domestic violence is one significant victory that will reduce the financial hardship of people facing domestic violence challenges. ”

Keating told GL that automation is the biggest threat to job security at the shipyards, and the union won one Clause about technical changes that is “one of the best in the world”.

“The stevedoring companies want to deprive workers of rights through the automation process and strengthen control by management even further.” The new agreement ensures that workers during of their entire life.

Keating said the union also had new, groundbreaking services Plans of 30 to 32 hours per week gained “that go beyond the established 35-hour week”. Keating said the company could not create new rosters « without an agreement with the union. » The rosters are active for seven weeks and one week off. The union can now recruit 70% of the workforce and manage the rest.

The agreement includes job sharing. « In a very male-dominated industry like the waterfront, Hutchison workers have now achieved the highest ratio of women to men in the country, » said Keating.

It includes paid breaks for meetings, including annual union meetings. And it also means a right to return to work for all laid-off workers.

« The OH&S clause also matters, » said Keating, « because it includes collective labor rights in a very dangerous industry. »

Hutchison Ports locked its workers in Brisbane and Port Botany in Sydney in 2015, a dispute that lasted more than four months. It was the longest argument in MUA history.

The company was very vengeful in its labor relations approach. « The delegates and members of the MUA have endured tremendous pressure during this three year struggle, » said Keating.

« But they have shown tremendous leadership, commitment and solidarity. Hutchison employees must be congratulated on their determination during this lengthy campaign.

Hutchinson and DP World have now signed new agreements, leaving the « main industrial battlefield » at Patrick Stevedores, said Keating.

« Patrick’s workers are experienced in industrial action, ”said Keating. “They have a long history of standing up for their rights, going back to the massive lockout of Patrick in 1998.”

Bans and bans have been in place at the Patrick terminals for several weeks, and the campaign for a new agreement will be continued there.

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Maritime Union wins groundbreaking Agreement with Hutchison Ports


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