CM – Media manager Barry Diller claims that Apple « disgustingly » overwhelmed its companies in the App Store.


Prior to the testimony of Apple’s CEO in the study Epic Games against Apple about the commission structure in the App Store, media manager Barry Diller reached out to Apple in a CNBC interview that aired this morning. Diller explained, « The idea that they actually justify it by saying, ‘We’re spending all this money protecting our little app store.’ I mean, it’s criminal. Well, it will be criminal, « he predicted.

Apple said it has a » quasi-monopoly « along with Google from Alphabet, which runs the Google Play App Store for Android devices Diller. The full interview is shown below.

For such a smart man, his analogies were out of place. Like a credit card company, does the Best Buy retail store charge 2% commission for putting a company’s product on the shelves? Of course not.

Beyond the 30% commission, Diller said he didn’t want Apple to be dissolved, he just wanted it regulated like many other industries, including the media.

Posted by Jack Purcher on May 21, 2021 at 8:17 am in 5th Apple News | Permalink


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