CM – Microsoft lied to journalists after leaked information about the first console: « What is Xbox? »


Microsoft admitted an interesting situation. Before the announcement of the first Xbox, Seamus Blackley lied to journalists and did not admit that he was actually working on the American company’s console. The company confirmed this in an interactive museum.

Microsoft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand and is discovering more cards that refer to the platform’s past. The company reveals various secrets from its console’s history – even the embarrassing ones that have to do with journalists’ lying.

Imagine the situation: Microsoft is preparing to launch the first Xbox, engineers are polishing it Platform, but the phone rings before the big announcement. One of the journalists asks about the “Xbox” on his mobile phone – although this equipment has actually never been disclosed. What does “Xbox Father” do in this situation? He’s lying.

Next Gen Magazine was the first to get leaks about the project, and journalists called the company to hear the news. David Hufford, who answered the phone, recalled the situation as follows:

« [Yes] I hung up, ran downstairs to the tech team and said, » Oh my god folks, I think they got us . ”

Seamus Blackley, who is known as the“ father of the Xbox ”, also got a couple of calls and… He just mentioned another project:

 » What are you talking about? I’m the program manager for entertainment graphics for Windows.  » I’m working on an API for 3D FX graphics cards for Windows. I just lied to him … « 

Microsoft never found out who actually introduced the first Xbox to the press, but David Hufford mentioned that he had some suspicions, who leaked the news.

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Microsoft Office is a series of programs that probably every Windows user has come to know. …


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