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We don’t see much of the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi in the US. The company had some very appealing sports cars like the Mitsubishi Evo and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Unfortunately, these cool vehicles have been discontinued in the US, and the only Mitsubishi model you are likely to see on the streets today is the Outlander SUV or the Eclipse Cross.

Japanese automakers usually come to Tokyo Auto Salon with some cool bespoke vehicles in tow, and this year Mitsubishi brought seven different vehicles. None of the vehicles are particularly wild concepts, most are production vehicles with some modifications. Vehicles that the automaker showed off this year can be seen below.

The first concept vehicle is the Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style. We don’t see this vehicle in the US and it is referred to as a light commercial vehicle. One of the hallmarks of this small vehicle is that it can be used for various needs that involve electricity by using the power supplied by the EV’s battery. It is intended as a camping and road vehicle that uses the electricity from the Meave Power Box.

The EV battery can provide enough power to power various electrical devices such as coffee makers and kettles while camping, or to power laptops and other electronic devices outdoors. The outside of the vehicle is in two-tone matte green and beige, which gives the small truck a more military look. It has tiny little silver and black wheels, a large roof rack at the top, and white graphics that show a power cord and tent on one side and a power cord and desk with a laptop on the other.

The next vehicle at Mitsubishi’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 is the Vision Ralliart Concept, and it’s a crossover. As a concept vehicle, it shows the vision of Mitsubishi’s Ralliart and promises a first-class look, comfortable driving behavior and performance in all weather conditions. Vision Ralliart Concept features a heavily sculpted front bumper with Mitsubishi’s iconic hexagonal grille design. It has small, presumably LED headlights very high on the front bumper directly under the grill and apparently larger fog lights and headlights higher up.

This large front grille has built-in radiator shutters to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. While the Vision Ralliart Concept sits higher, it has a silver diffuser under the lip of the front bumper. There is a similarly sized silver diffuser on the back.

The taillights sit high near the hatch’s glass and appear to be LED offerings. While it’s pretty hard to tell in the pictures Mitsubishi shared, the Vision Ralliart Concept appears to be painted in a matte black color. The concept rolls on some unique wheels with lots of paddles that look like they are difficult to keep clean.

If you see a Mitsubishi on the streets of the United States today, it’s likely the Outlander SUV. Mitsubishi brought a bespoke Outlander called the Outlander Ralliart Style to Tokyo. Essentially, this vehicle is a standard Mitsubishi Outlander with various Ralliart accessories on the exterior. The body color of the SUV is called white diamonds.

There are red accessories around the car, including mud flaps and red « decorations » in the lower front bumper inlet as well as on the sides and rear of the SUV. The Outlander Ralliart Style also features special Ralliart stickers and logos on the sides as well as a black roof spoiler and custom-made aluminum wheels.

Another current vehicle from Mitsubishi that has been completely modified with some Ralliart accessories is the Eclipse Cross Ralliart Style. The crossover is a current generation Eclipse Cross with the exterior color White Diamonds. Like the previous vehicle, the Eclipse Cross Ralliart Style has bright red decorations on the lower front bumper, on the sides and on the rear of the vehicle, as well as red mud flaps.

It appears to have the same lower door side stickers and Ralliart logos that we saw on the Outlander Ralliart Style. Mitsubishi also installed black aluminum rims and a black spoiler on the rear edge of the roof directly above the hatch glass. It is anticipated that these Ralliart accessories will be available for owners to purchase and add to their vehicles in the future.

One vehicle that few in the US will know is the Mitsubishi Delica D: 5. In Tokyo, the automaker is showing a modified version with accessories that give it a much more robust style, the Delica D: 5 Tough x Tough. The vehicle is modified with parts from the aftermarket and various Ralliart accessories. Mitsubishi added a matte black front grille and flared fenders that give the small vehicle a slightly wider stance.

Mitsubishi’s Ralliart accessories include red mud flaps, red exterior mirrors and red fog lamp sets like the two previous vehicles. The small vehicle has new springs and shock absorbers to keep it off the ground, and it rides on 16-inch aluminum wheels in gray and silver. The small wheels are shod with all-terrain tires. To enhance the vehicle’s rugged style, it also features apparent aluminum skid plates at the front and rear.

The second Outlander SUV on display at Tokyo Auto Salon is the Outlander Wild Adventure Style, which is based on the PHEV version of the Outlander. It’s painted on the outside in a color called Black Diamond. The accessories on the body of the Outlander are minimal and include fenders, a small sidebar under the doors between the wheels, and a rear bumper protector. While this vehicle is certainly not intended for off-road use, it has black aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires.

Additional accessories have been added that were a collaboration between Mitsubishi and Ogawa. The accessories include a trailer coupling element, a base carrier and various Mitsubishi accessories. The basic carrier is presumably the carrier that is attached to what appears to be an attachable roof rail for the car roof.

The last vehicle that Mitsubishi will present is the K-EV Concept X Style. As the name suggests, it’s a very small electric kei car that Mitsubishi says offers comfort, safety and security in one environmentally friendly package. One of the hallmarks of all Japanese kei cars is the maneuverability and offering from Mitsubishi like the smoothness of the electric drivetrain with the performance benefits of instant torque.

The tiny SUV has matt blue as the main body color and a copper-colored roof color. The sides of the car have various « X » graphics to match the name of the vehicle. It has attractive black and silver wheels and is one of those vehicles we don’t see in the US. Unfortunately, no specifications are offered for the vehicle.


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