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LONDON (June 24, 2021) – SQUARE ENIX® is today launching a new program with the interactive live streaming service Twitch to distribute a range of FINAL FANTASY® XIV online in-game items.

Between now and August 24, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online players will be able to get their hands on both the in-game Heavenscracker item and the in-game Fat Black Chocobo mount using Twitch’s gift subscription service when select streamers embark on their adventures Transferred to Eorzea.

Viewers who give away a subscription in participating channels will receive 100 of the Deluxe Heavenscracker items in-game, while with a total of four subscriptions they will receive the Fat Black Chocobo Whistle, which is used to summon the mount of the same name in-game. Free subscriptions can be distributed across one or more channels, and the items can only be received once per Twitch account.

Participating streamers must broadcast FINAL FANTASY XIV online at the time the gifted subscription is submitted. If the free subscription is awarded outside of a FINAL FANTASY XIV online broadcast, it will not count towards the program.

Further details on the program and the full list of participating streamers can be found here:

For more information on Twitch’s gift subscription options, including pricing, please visit:

The recently announced fourth expansion pack in the FINAL FANTASY XIV online saga, Endwalker, is expected to be released on November 23, 2021 for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 systems. Endwalker is the culmination of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story, as the Warriors of Light face an even greater calamity than ever before and bring a wealth of new content with them, including several new jobs, an increased level cap, huge new areas and adjustments to the Combat system as well as a variety of new combat, crafting and collecting content.
You can find the full trailer for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker here:

Visit the official FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker site here:

With a total of over 22 million registered players and a new expansion, there has never been a better time for newbies to begin their adventures in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV online saga. The extended free trial version now includes all content from A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward ™ expansion (and updates up to patch 3.56) as well as an additional playable race (Au Ra) and three additional playable jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist). ). Free trial players can enjoy hundreds of hours of award-winning gameplay and story experiences that match two full FINAL FANTASY titles, with no game time limit. Further information can be found here:
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